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Spotlight on Fi Thompson

When it comes to swimwear and celebrating the female form, Fi Thompson is your gal. Founder and Creative Director of British born brand Kamba, it combines simplicity and femininity with the distinctive Kamba ruffle to bring you a unique aesthetic, inspired by amazing women in Fi’s life.

We met up with Fi in Notting Hill to have some fun with our iconic Chakra collection and find out more.


How do you like to style your jewellery? The more the merrier or less is more?

Definitely the more the merrier! I wear about 12 rings that I never take off and usually a few necklaces, including my Chakra necklace!

What’s your favourite Chakra piece?

I've had the Sacral Chakra cord bracelet for a while now but currently I'm loving wearing the Base Chakra necklace - I never take it off!

What Chakra symbol represents you?

Family is hugely important to me, so I love that the Base Chakra represents family values such us stability and grounding. It's also linked to good health, vitality and balance which I always try to embody, so this really resonates with me.

"I love layering the Chakra cord bracelets. The bright colours look great with absolutely everything - even swimwear!"

Silver or Gold?

Gold is always a favourite for me. However most of the jewellery I wear is a mix of gold and silver.

Favourite song at the moment?

Probably Van Morrison Sweetest Thing, an old time favourite, its a really nice relaxing listen.

How do you juggle your work / life balance?

At the moment it's a little more work than life with the launch of Kamba! Usually though I try to make sure I find the time to do things with friends and family - the ultimate cure for any stress.