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Taurus Jewellery

When it comes to self-care, Taurus knows how to pamper themselves. Ruled by the planet Venus which is associated with love, beauty and abundance, this sensual zodiac sign appreciates the finer things in life. Their default mode is laid-back, but they are firm in their boundaries. Work hard, chill harder: it’s all about balance to them. Their attention to detail and resourcefulness means getting the job done with finesse. Taurus loves a little bit of luxury and flowers. Their style reflects their values: quality and investment. Jewellery that’s timeless and elegant is their go-to.

-Words by Tamara Driessen-

Taurus Jewellery

Celestial and serene, this zodiac jewellery collection is the perfect representation of its Taurus wearer. A Taurus is typically practical and well-grounded, but isn’t without a love for beautiful, physical pleasures such as a brand-new piece for their jewellery box. Whether you prefer the cool but feminine tones of silver jewellery or would like a gold Taurus stacking ring or hoop earring to add to your collection of star sign jewellery, you’ll find something that you love in this Taurus range. Whether you’re looking to add jewellery representative of your horoscope to your own trinket collection or you’d like to give a Taurus a beautiful accessory as a gift, you’ll find something that you love here. Choose a gold or sterling silver Taurus necklace from our Taurus range and wear it alone with a plain white tee for subtle styling or choose to experiment with your own personal style and stack your Taurus ring with another ring design from a different, trend-led Daisy collection, such as Estee Lalonde’s vintage accessories or our meaningful Chakra pieces. Shop your favourite Taurus necklace, bracelet, rings or earrings online today at Daisy London.