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3 Ways To Wear | The Wavy Snake Chain

We’re back with our favourite influencer, business woman and resident cool girl, Estée Lalonde to put her jewellery styling capabilities to the test. We challenged Estée to style one of her favourite pieces, the Wavy Snake Chain, in three different ways for three different occasions.

“Let’s see how versatile I can make this snaky, wavy baby.”

The Airport

“When I go to the airport, comfort is key. You won’t see me wearing jeans anywhere. You won't see me wearing any constricting clothing. I have a go-to airport outfit that I am going to share with you. Socks, yoga pants - essential - white tank top and my favourite grey hoodie. Super minimal, super easy. I don’t want any drama at the airport, so I’m going to choose my Maxi Square Hoops because they are light as a feather and I just adore them but they give you a little pzazz. Next the Sunburst stacking ring. Super simple, that’s all you need. This isn’t a fashion show, but you do want to have a little bit of sparkle.”

A Very Import Business Meeting

“Boom, proenza schouler, chartreuse blouse. I love this thing. Pair the blouse with a pair of slim, booty lifting trousers from Arket. They don’t look like much but when you put them on, it’s like ooh! Finally, we have to go with the Manolos. Come on, come on! They're hard to keep on your feet, but grip those toes and make it work. This is my business look, I love that it has a pop of colour, but is still quite tailored and very chic and cool. Paired with the Wavy Snake of course, I thought it would be nice to layer with my Octagonal Necklace to give it a bit of dimension. We have a bit of a shorter necklace, a bit of a longer necklace and it just sits really nicely. So you get a layered look, it’s really nice and sophisticated."

"We have a lot going on with the necklaces, so I’m going to keep my earrings really simple to keep the attention on the neckline. So I’ll be wearing my Thea Huggies in my first piercing and my Octagonal Huggie Hoops in my second piercing. I’m going to wear my ear cuff as well. These are great because they’re noncommittal. You don’t need to have a piercing, you can literally just slide it on. Finally, rings, the Chunky Sunburst Stacking Ring and my Dome Rings, which I love. They look great on their own, but when you put them together, it’s like a whole new world.”

Date Night

“I know I look stunning. I can’t wait to go on my date so let’s choose some jewellery to style with my Wavy Snake Chain. For necklaces, I thought it would be fun to mix the metals. I’m wearing my gold Wavy Snake Chain so I thought it would be nice to wear my silver Curb Chain, and I’m also going to put it on with the Tight Box Chain as well and my Box Chain Bracelet because who doesn’t love a little bit of jingling on a date? And I’m going to wear my Ellipse Earrings, they are beautiful, so date-perfect. I’m going to pop on a couple of chain rings, really nice, my Unity Ring and my Thea Stacking Ring. You can recreate this look at home with a black dress and chains… just have some fun with it.”

We would love to see how you style the Wavy Snake Chain and any other pieces from Estée’s collection with Daisy so please share with us on Instagram @daisy_london. Don't forget to watch Estée’s styling videos and shop Estée's entire collection with Daisy.