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The Big Day

Weather you're the bride, bridesmaid or a guest. This wedding season whatever your part in the big day is do it in Daisy.

The Bride

When you’re planning your big day, don’t overlook the little details. The role of bridal jewels is to accentuate your natural beauty: a gem that’ll shine bright as you take each step towards your love. Whether you’re looking for something modern, dainty, or old-school, Daisy’s got you covered.

The Bridesmaid

Looking for a little something to complete a bridesmaid look? Whether you’re filling the role yourself, or shopping for those you’ve chosen to stand with you at the altar, our timeless pieces make the perfect accessory and keepsake. From taming a last minute flyaway to watching your nearest and dearest tie the knot, do it in Daisy.

The Guest

Be the best-dressed wedding guest in Daisy. Opt for something timeless that’ll take you right through from teary-eyed ring exchanges to merrily clinking glasses at the reception. From super chic elevated essentials, to daintier gems, we’ve something to complete any and all wedding attire.

This wedding season whatever your part in the big day is do it in Daisy...

Do It In Daisy With Bon Bridé

We speak with Pippa Cooke of Bon Bridé, a fashion-forward bridal company disrupting the tired traditions of the wedding industry. For the past four years, Cooke’s been bringing her striking style to brides everywhere - and there’s no sign of her slowing down.

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