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Interview with the Marylebone Project

Daisy’s Creative Director Ruth catches up with Angela from the Marylebone Project to find out a little bit more about the work they are doing, and how else we can help.

The Marylebone project focuses on helping homeless women in London, one of the highest areas in need. What are some of the reasons women end up homeless in London?

More often than not, women have experienced domestic violence, leaving them nowhere to go after escaping a violent relationship. Trauma and loss can also be triggers in women seeking refuge in drugs & alcohol, leading to addiction. We’ve seen the effect drug & alcohol abuse can have on women’s relationships, careers and homes.

Our daisy customers were able to create over 2000 care kits for homeless women across the UK, some of which were donated to your drop in centre. Why is this drop in centre so important?

The centre provides essential services and facilities to homeless women at it’s rough sleeper drop in. This is open five mornings a week and offers a safe place for women to eat hot food, have a shower, do their laundry and get some uninterrupted sleep after a night on the streets. We’ll also provide housing and support advise with the aim to find them somewhere safe to stay. The kits Daisy London have provided will be handed out to our women at the drop in mornings and will be so incredibly helpful. I think these will also bring a little bit of joy to these women on what can quite often be a dreary day. 

What are some of the ways the Marylebone project empower homeless women?

Every woman who comes to us has experienced trauma and loss. We offer a range of therapeutic activities such as gardening, yoga, singing, sewing and healthy living, giving women the chance to recover and regain their sense of identity and focus on themselves. 

We also provide a wide range of education, employment and training opportunities open to all the women we serve. This programme gives our women the chance to gain relevant experience and qualifications, whilst also encouraging self improvement. One of the ways this is done is through our ‘Munch in Marylebone,’ a social enterprise catering service. Here, women from our programme gain valuable catering, hospitality and employability skills.

Why does the Marylebone project focus on women only? 

Unfortunately and ultimately, it is women on the streets who are the most vulnerable. Research by Crisis, the homelessness charity, found 58% of women sleeping rough had been intimidated or threatened with violence and force in the past 12 months compared to 42% of men. It is so important for us to offer a safe space for women, a space where they can let down their guard from a violent relationship and work on rebuilding their lives. 

And lastly, how else can we get involved or support the great work the Marylebone project are doing? 

Gosh, there are a few ways you can support us:

  • order your office lunches from
  • donate items to be given to the women at the drop in centre
  • get in touch James Marlow, our Fundraising Officer to talk about partnerships
  • make a little donation here