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A Note from Estée Lalonde

Goddess is live! Our second collection is finally here and I want to thank you (yes, you!) for supporting us, for buying the jewellery or just for admiring the pieces we’ve created. Overwhelmed doesn’t even begin to explain how I am feeling. We were completely blown away by the response to our first collection and it has been incredible to carry on the story with this lunar inspired line.

Continuing to work with the Daisy team over the last few months has been a dream. We’ve had everything from inspiration trips, design meetings and photoshoots to really bring Goddess to life. We are so proud of this collection and hope you love it as much as we do. Every time you were a piece of our jewellery, we want to remind you to love all that you are. I am so excited to finally share our new collection, Goddess, with you all!


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Estée Lalonde Goddess Medallion T Bar Bracelet 18ct Gold Plate

$186 $232

Estée Lalonde Goddess Shield Necklace 18ct Gold Plate


Estée Lalonde Goddess Signet Ring 18ct Gold Plate


Estée Lalonde Goddess Snake Chain Necklace 18ct Gold Plate

$144 $180