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Estée Edit | May

Oh hi guys! It’s me Estée. I’m feeling super creative this month and I couldn’t help but wonder… what an important part art & creativity plays in our everyday lives.

Art means so many different things to so many different people doesn’t it? Whether it’s in your living room, at an exhibition, within yourself or the world outside your door. Art really is everywhere!

I don’t know about you guys but I’ve always found the process of creating or being in an artistic mindset to be just as important as the finished artwork itself (whatever that might be!) There’s so much energy and beauty in creating something from nothing and remember there are many different forms of art, and while i haven’t painted a masterpiece recently ‘creating’ is a huge part of my life.

I absolutely love to surround myself with art. It helps to keep me inspired and gets my creative juices flowing. When it comes to the art in my own home I believe it’s so important to support up and coming artists. I recently purchased a piece by Rebecca Sammon, she’s a London based artist who

studied fine art in Brighton and now works with SoHo House and many other private galleries to showcase her work. Talk about an inspiration! If you’re based in London one of the best places to find and support emerging artists is the Blue Shop Cottage in Camberwell. It’s the cutest little shop and event space where you can go to buy art, talk about art and take workshops about art. If you’re a lover of art in any way you must stop by. If i had more room in my house I would definitely be buying everything there!

So, I'm currently obsessed with sculptures (which really doesn’t help with the space issue I can tell you). And whale this may sound biased, I particularly adore my friend Freya Bramble Carter’s work, she's an amazing ceramist and sculptor. All of her pieces are so unique and her attention to detail is insane. You can really feel how much love and care they were made with.

“Art is a personal connection you have with something you are viewing.”

When it comes channeling my own creativity I find the best way to get inspired is through everyone and anyone in my life. To feel the most creative simply surround yourself with creative people. I love expressing who I am through conversation. It’s really fascinating to get to know people and bounce off other peoples thoughts and ideas. These conversations allow me to question and think deeper about my own ideas. I’m so fortunate to have friends in so many different industries all with unique points of views. It keeps my creativity young, experimental and inclusive.

Although I do find people spark creativity, sometimes I find my inspiration through objects. What inspires me changes everyday. I try to stay open minded and listen to what my body and mind wants. Sometimes the way

the wind blows through my apartment can inspire me to get out of bed and write a poem! Anything can be inspiring, but it’s equally as important to take a break from creating to avoid the inevitable burn out.

Ok, so I can’t talk about art without touching on my ultimate masterpiece… my jewellery collections. Designing jewellery is an incredible creative experience, I love every minute of it! My Goddess Medallion Necklace feels like such a special piece to me. Art is a personal connection you have with something you are viewing right? This Medallion symbol has a lot of meaning to me, power and strength are two feelings I get when I wear that particular necklace.

My May Must-Do's

1. Doodle

Our doodles can reveal a lot about us. It’s a great therapeutic tool and such a useful creative starting point! The logo for my new project MIRROR WATER began as a doodle…

2. Champion

Give the artists, creators & muses in your life some love and celebrate their art. I’d like to shout out to lovely Alexa Coe. She created the beautiful Goddess Print inspired by my second jewellery collection. I wanted the print to feel sexy, curvy and confident. She achieved it so perfectly!

3. Explore

Here in the UK museums are open and I'm SO excited to visit galleries again. I’ve been daydreaming about wandering around the V&A for so long and now we can! I’ve got my eye on a few exhibitions that I wanted to share with you…

- Obsessed with ceramics like me? Check out the Contemporary Ceramic Art from the Middle East

- Fancy a trip down a rabbit hole that isn’t on YouTube? Me too! Alice: Curiouser and Curiouser looks super weird and wonderful.

- Beautiful Bags: Inside Out will definitely leave you dreaming of designer arm candy!

Here’s to creating, seeing and celebrating art every day!

With love,