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Estée Lalonde | How to...Positivity with Emma Knowles

With positivity at the heart of our Estée Lalonde collection, it only seemed natural to explore this notion further. Who doesn’t want more positivity in their life, right?

We caught up with friend of Daisy, Emma Knowles (you may remember her from our how to cleanse your crystals blog post); author of The Power of Crystal Healing, and personal healer to Estée to talk about how to bring positivity into your daily routine and use jewellery to protect and empower yourself.

According to Emma, how we start our day impacts how we ride into it, how we rise through it and how we handle those things that may unexpectedly challenge us.

As soon as we wake, we need to have a little focus, before you switch into life – switch into yourself. Lay steady and take time to just watch your breath moving in and out your nose; to charge yourself up. Sleep is such a healing tool and we need to bring ourselves into the present before we rush into the day. Take time to be thankful. This is all about balance, feeling empowered by your own life before you swim into others’. List the things you are grateful for; they can be as big or as small as you like. The energy of thanks is a magic wish and starting your day like this allows you to become more mindful.

Emma also believes we can use our jewellery to protect and empower.

Everything is energy, you are, your words are, your actions are. This is how we are going to embody your jewellery with a task, an intention and one that can protect and empower. Make this a ritual for yourself.

1. Cleanse your jewellery piece as per the care instructions.

2. Take a moment to ask yourself why you picked this piece and what would you like to feel empowered by or shielded from.

3. Add words, intention and energy. As this is unique to you, so must the words be, so perhaps it’s: “This piece is a gift for me, to feel strong even when life leads me to feel weak, to feel confident even when I feel afraid.”

4. Write it down, say it out loud, repeat it.

5. Make the commitment, place the piece on and we connect that mantra. Feel it on you and carry this into the day, know that it is there to radiate on your behalf, repeat the mantra when you feel misguided.

Emma Knowles: "The energy of thanks is a magic wish and starting your day like this allows you to become more mindful.”

And never underestimate the power of ending the day well…

It’s really important we slow ourselves and our energies down and use the night time for reflection. It’s here that we can turn to our crystal friends for help. Amethyst and Selenite are powerhouses that will assist you in cleansing your mind ready for a healing sleep before starting tomorrow with a kick ass attitude.

Get comfortable and place a crystal in either hand, feel the weight and your presence. Come back to your breath, moving in and through your body but this time like a wave. Move your breath into your system and allow the crystals to connect with you, to vibrate and pulse. Allow your mind to track over the magic of the day and if that feels too hard, come back to the thanks you started with. If something didn’t go to plan today, be compassionate to yourself, forgive the situation and consider how you would have done it differently. Then smile. Smiling is a powerful tool if your mind wanders, come back to breath. It’s time to power it down, repetition is your best pal here and one that can lovingly move you to sleep.

We’re ready for bed just thinking about it.

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