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the daisy challenge

Styling Florals With Jaqui

We’re continuing to share the love for our floral collections featuring the classic Daisy flower a timeless favourite that can be worn all year round. It’s the harbinger of spring’s arrival and with that it brings new beginnings and positivity.

We set the the lovely @jadquidanslanuit a special challenge to style the collection in her own unique way and she went full flower mode! Forget picking petals this season. Buy flowers that last.



How did you embrace the challenge we set you?

I immediately thought about my connection to nature. Nature has always given me a feeling of security because to me it feels like the origin of everything and something you can rely on. That’s also why I always listen my body. It was clear to me that I wanted to use flowers and warm colours for this look, because they convey the feeling of blossoming nature in spring. I always try to convey a feeling or an atmosphere in my photography. I hope I succeeded.


What do you love about the collection and style of Daisy Jewellery’s pieces?

I felt in love with the minimal floral design of Daisy jewellery’s pieces. I’m always so happy when I see a Daisy on the side of the road; they are the little things that make me happy. Nature recovers everything and I think that’s so wonderful to observe.