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The Estée Edit | February 2021

Hi everyone, it’s me Estée! I’m back channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw...

This time answering your top questions on one hot topic. This month I couldn’t help but wonder… what is life without L O V E ? (insert Ross from Friends GIF here)

As we all know, February is the month of luuurve! Love for yourself, love for her, love for him and love for them. No longer an exclusive couples club, where rom-com rules apply and only red roses will do; this season is for everyone. A chance to celebrate every type of love in any way you choose. For me, a huge part of celebrating love is nurturing the relationship I have with myself (which isn’t always easy, I can tell you, I’m a pain in my ass sometimes!) But seriously, like so many things, self-love is a journey. And now, more than ever, we all need to love ourselves a little bit more. As a beauty addict, I am an advocate of using this as a tool to make me feel like the best version of myself.

You guys know I’m a sucker for anything wellness. I’m obsessed with creating at-home relaxing bath routines...they really are the best! If ever you’re struggling to find the self-love ritual that works for you, simply think about what makes you feel truly happy… I also love reading a great book and taking Effie for a long walk in the woods! Just take a moment, and you’ll get there.

Of course there are some days when those small acts of self-care cannot cut through a low mood. I’ve been there, it’s really tough but I’ve learnt to give myself that time to feel down and allow it to have its moment. After that, I make sure I have time for all the parts of my life that I am grateful for that make me realise how lucky I am.

"My journey with myself hasn't been clear cut and it's something I continually have to engage with but I think with age"

Now, let’s talk about self-confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin is never easy, is it? But this does get easier with time. Every experience will bring you more confidence for the next. Believe in who you are and what you want to become. There will always be setbacks but what will help you build that confidence is those experiences and feelings. If I feel like a boost of confidence is needed, I tell myself that if I don’t believe in myself, who will? Knowing who you are is the first step and trust me, we are all human and have days of not being sure. My journey with myself hasn't been clear cut and it's something I continually have to engage with but I think with age you are able to sort through a lot of the vanity that consumes your time when you are younger. You also notice the people around you beginning to focus on the bigger things.

I think you have to constantly look to further develop your relationship with yourself so it stays honest and keeps evolving as new challenges in life arise.

Something so many people ask about, ponder on and ultimately strive for, that relationship holy grail… achieving balance. Most of us can agree that it’s a hugely important factor in building a healthy relationship. We can all get swept up with honeymoon periods or become comfortable with routines. Both people need time and space to grow as people separately, to be able to come together as a stronger pair. Setting aside that "you" time is so important for maintaining independence and staying rooted in your sense of self. Never forget both relationships need a little TLC.

How I’m celebrating love this month, join me!

I’m loving listening to… Hi by Hannah Diamond, a forever favourite which feels particularly appropriate for the current times.

I’m obsessed with wearing… Interlock Bracelet - I love that ‘opposites attract’ vibe! Trinity Ring - This ring is made up of three bands which symbolise past, present and future. Rising Sun Frame Necklace - This necklace was inspired by a necklace my Mom gave me when I was 19.

I’m delighted when munching on… Mini Eggs, they are just sooo good. I’m in love, the end.

I’m happiest showing love… when people least expect it. I love watching people receive my love through true words, being there for support and showing consistency within friendships. Ultimately my favourite way to show love is through time. Giving someone time, patience and truly being present with another person is so loving.

I’m giddy remembering… what it felt like the first time I fell in love. It was the best feeling in the world. Butterflies in tummy and oh the fantasy thoughts (ahem). It was like walking into the first scene of a romantic comedy. So fun.

"I took a lot of time to process and come to terms with the status of lost love and how one builds from loss. I look back on it now as a time of inner healing and self-evolution."

To finish I wanted to touch on that bitter sweet love, that is sometimes hard to revisit but always part of who you are; love that is lost. Of course I wouldn’t wish this upon anyone, ever! Looking back, I personally found that grieving a relationship had a huge impact on my life. It changed me as a person and made me realise how significant the loss of a relationship can be. I took a lot of time to process and come to terms with the status of lost love and how one builds from loss. I look back on it now as a time of inner healing and self-evolution.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with let’s celebrate love in all its forms. For good, for bad it really is simply the best (play Tina Turner on Spotify and insert Schitts Creek GIF here)

With Love,


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