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The Estée Edit | July

Hi, Estée here! How are you? Welcome to July's column.

I can’t believe we’re over half way through the year already! Where has the time gone everyone? The months seem to fly by, each bringing a slightly altered version of this ‘new normal’. But as lockdown eases and we begin to enjoy those little everyday pleasures we’ve been without and taken for granted, I’m starting to feel all the positive energy that’s out there. I’ve decided to dedicate this article to all those good-vibes and talk about what makes me feel great in the hope that it will encourage you to do the same. We definitely deserve it.

The sunshine will never fail to make me smile and it’s return has me dreaming of being on a beautiful beach, in my favourite bikini with a strawberry daiquiri in hand. Come on, it doesn’t get much better than that does it? And while we may not be able to travel very far this year, the memory of past travels and even just the thought of it happening again one day soon makes me feel excited. In the meantime, these incredible flowers @myladygarden sent me will have me smiling for days!

Music is another amazing mood booster for me, I’m listening to ambient sounds like waves, birds and jungles on repeat right now. I don’t care what anyone says - it helps me concentrate and feel calm! Now if I’m on a ‘dance like no-one’s watching’ kind of vibe it’s gotta be ‘Saturday Night’ by Whigfield. I challenge you to listen to it and not move a muscle... it’s impossible.

My happy place at the moment is yoga in the park. It feels so good to be doing yoga again (from a distance) and to be doing it outside on the grass is amazing. I’m also loving my bike which gets me to my happy place and back again, I honestly have no idea how I got around before!

And then of course there’s Effie, who turned 1 in July. She’s had me in stitches a lot recently, one time she refused to get out of bed to go for a walk. She’s an absolute girl about town, accompanying me on my ice-cream adventures!

I’m so grateful for the people in my life - my friends, my family and my peers, they all bring so much love and happiness to my life in different ways. Here are a few of my 'follow favourites' from this month:

Stylist and Fashion Editor, I love how she plays with bright colours.

Good friend of mine and amazing artist, I am obsessed with her pottery.

Freedom Run organiser & beautiful muma, she’s fundraising for charities supporting black communities locally. Head online to donate!

Quite possibly the coolest Video Director around, I mean, come on! How fabulous is she?

'My favourite feel-good piece is the Luna Lock Necklace, it always makes me feel safe and secure.'

I’ve learnt a lot about myself over the past few months and as I approach my 30th birthday, I can’t wait to show you all what I’ve been working on.

Keep smiling, keep laughing, keep safe.

Love Estée x


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