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The Meaning Behind The Healing

One of our most meaningful collections, our Healing Stone jewellery, allows you to carry the healing power of these stones with you wherever you go. So whether you’re looking to attract love, improve your creativity, or create a sense of calm—we’ve got the healing stone to help. Be it an engagement, new job or baby shower present—or simply as a token of your love for yourself or another—it’s no surprise that these have been some of our best-selling pieces yet. Wearing these powerful stones can promote physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

But what’s the meaning behind the healing? And with each one harnessing different properties, what stone should you buy for who?

Rose Quartz


The crystal of unconditional love, Rose Quartz, is known to improve loving relationships with others and encourage feelings of compassion and tenderness. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that it can help strengthen the heart chakra. If you’re going through a difficult time, this is the perfect gift to get for yourself or for the one you love. It’s also the semi-precious stone associated with Capricorns and the gemstone that marks five years of marriage. So if you’ve got a January birthday or fifth wedding anniversary coming up… you know what to do!



Inspiring creativity and artistic expression, Howlite is known to help calm the mind and is even said to aid insomnia. The gemstone associated with Geminis (who are known for their overactive and chatty brains), a piece from our Howlite range, would make a perfect gift for the June baby in your life. Connected to the crown chakra, it’s said to help improve memory, stimulate a thirst for knowledge, increase the wearer’s patience, and help soothe feelings of anger, pain, and stress. We’ll take the lot.

Green Aventurine


The bringer of good fortune, Green Aventurine is known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’. A thoughtful gift for anyone who needs a little luck to come their way, it’s perfect for manifesting the result you want—be that a job interview, first date, exam or competition. As well as placing luck on your side, Green Aventurine is associated with the heart chakra and is said to help release old patterns, disappointments, and old habits so that new, personal growth can occur.



Named the ‘hope’ gemstone, Amazonite was said to line the shields of the legendary Amazon warriors. Channel some of that warrior energy by wearing one of our Amazonite pieces as a talisman of your inner strength. Allowing the wearer to view life from a more positive perspective, it will encourage a more can-do attitude and can help achieve what you want in life. Connected with the heart and throat chakras, if your intention is to love deeply and speak your truth, Amazonite might just be the gemstone for you.



Known as the ‘magic stone’, Labradorite has been worn by shamans, healers, mystics, and oracles for centuries. Excellent for awakening your inner spirit, intuition, and even psychic abilities. It’s also a powerful protector and can serve as a talisman for the wearer to ward off negative energies and forces. Connected to the third-eye and throat chakra, it helps improve your communication in both the spiritual and earthly world.



The vibrant blue of Lapis is associated with Virgos and is a universal symbol of wisdom and truth. A rarity in nature, rich cobalt blues have always been highly prized, so it’s no surprise that Lapis is often associated with royalty and our highest self. Connected to wisdom and good judgment, it is also known to stimulate the throat chakra, enhancing freedom of expression, speaking your truth, and deep communication. Perfect for someone working in the spoken or written word. It’s also the stone of friendship—the perfect gift for a much-loved friend.



If you or someone you know needs some calm and tranquility in their life or a feeling of groundedness, look no further than Amethyst. The gemstone associated with Aquarius, its vibrant purple stones don’t just look beautiful but they connect the wearer to their higher self, through the crown chakra. Hold it close, take some deep breaths, and you’ll feel your fears, angers, and frustrations ebb away. It’s also the traditional gemstone to celebrate six years of marriage. The perfect gift if you’ve got an anniversary on the horizon.

Whatever stone you go for, remember that there’s a deeper meaning behind the healing stone collection. These beautiful pieces are a perfect and personal gift for a special someone and can help you achieve your best self. For more jewellery with meaning, take a look at our chakra collection.