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What’s In Your Jewellery Box With Estée’s Lalonde

We sat down with Estée in her beautiful South London home to go through a few of her favourite pieces in her jewellery box and the meaning behind them. Estée went through and hand-picked her most meaningful pieces, some of which have even inspired pieces in Estée’s own jewellery collection here at Daisy.

“First up is the piece that inspired my favourite necklaces from our very first collection. This is a necklace that my mom gave me. It’s a little tag that says, follow your heart. You’ve probably heard me talk about it before. And it also has a little charm on it that I got when I was 17. Gosh, time flies. I'm now 32. This feels like yesterday. This necklace is really important and meaningful and I love the sentiment behind it. This piece is why we created the Rising Sun Frame Necklace. It looks kind of similar and it gives me a similar feeling. I love jewellery that you can play with and it can calm you down. I love the shield aspect of this and it does kind of feel like a protecting piece.”

“The next piece of jewellery is my Cartier watch. I bought it on a trip to France. I was feeling very “France-y”, and I thought, ‘you know what, when in Rome?’ Except I was in France and I love it. I actually like the silver and gold strap because I do mix my metals a lot. I’m just waiting for someone to ask me what time it is and I say ‘Oh, actually I don’t know because I can barely read this watch without my glasses on, and I haven’t actually spun the thing that makes it work’ But it looks like I know what time it is.”

“Also on this wrist I have a bracelet which is actually welded around my wrist. My friend Rebecca and I have the same ones. It’s like a friendship bracelet kind of thing and I love it. It just never comes off, which makes it a really special piece.”

“Next are the Daisy Goddess Glow Hoops. I really love them because we designed them during a time in my life when I just wanted to feel like a goddess. You know what? I’m stunning and so are you. And we need hoops to represent that and these hoops are just awesome. Hoops do something to a person. If you wear hoops you understand that they just do something good for your soul. And that’s why I love them so much.”

“This crystal bracelet was given to me by a viewer of mine who actually made it for me at the Daisy Goddess gathering in New York.”

“These earrings are beautiful. I got them on my trip to Japan and as soon as I saw them, I loved them because they have a very feminie pearl vibe but also these sharp spiked edges. I always feel like that’s who I am. I’m pretty but also, watch it!”

“I also wanted to mention the Daisy Trinity Ring. This ring is three rings in one. I always love to look at it as past, present, future and it’s all connected. There’s got to be some kind of life metaphor in there somewhere right? I also love to play with it, kind of like an anxiety ring for me.”

“Last but certainly not least, is my engagement ring. I’m engaged to myself so I bought this lab grown diamond for myself and I’ll never look back. I’m telling you, if you're thinking about it just do it because, the longest relationship you have in your life is with yourself. So, if you’re not going to buy yourself a diamond, how do you expect anyone else to?”

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