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Behind the VITA Collection

VITA is the Latin word for life, and what a life we are all leading right now.

When we launched the Aphrodite necklace last year, it was intended to be a limited edition, 1 year seller to raise money & awareness for Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust. Not only did we raise over £5000 for the amazing work they do, the necklace became one of us. It represented so much to all of us at Daisy, and such a journey. Furthermore, it seemed to resonate with all of you, which was so beautiful to see. Whilst the 1 year project with Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust came to a close, we felt the solo necklace needed more, so we built out her little family and now have a selection of beautiful celebratory female pieces.

Scheduled to drop in July, we made the decision to pull it forward and launch in May, it just felt right. It felt like the right time to be talking about our bodies, to be celebrating our bodies and feel confident in what they can get through.

We talk about Daisy being a way of life. It’s our way of life. It’s about joining the daisy chain, connecting people though experiences, travels, conversation, jewellery & design. I’m so proud of this collection and everyone who has worked so hard to get it here. What a privilege to have been welcomed in to the homes of some of our favourite leading ladies who helped bring the pieces to life.

A huge thank you to Emma Hoareau, Emma Breschi, Natalie Lee and Rebecca Munroe. And of course, to you reading this. You are a part of our life story.


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Vita Necklace 18ct Gold Plate