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British fashion council 

Making A Difference

We’re so excited to hear that The British Fashion Council announced it’s Positive Fashion Initiative at the opening of London Fashion Week.The highly talented, creative and eccentric Vivenne Westwood who has long fort for sustainability in fashion, has partnered with BFC to encourage brands to commit to switching to green energy providers by 2020. Like us, she also believes in the importance of communicating the threat of Climate Change, a matter very close to our hearts. We need to take action now before it’s too late.

“The status quo will kill us. People don’t realise how quickly we are marching towards a possible mass extinction. Once the global temperature goes up beyond two degrees, you can’t stop it. Current predictions are that we will see a rise of more like 4C or 6C, which would mean that everything below Paris would become uninhabitable.”

All hail Vivenne Westwood!

Join the conversation today and do your bit to help fight climate change #makeclimatematter