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Daisy Muse | Emma Thatcher's Mother's Day Top Picks

Meet the lovely Emma Thatcher. Contributor to Who What Wear and co-founder of A Style Album which she created with her friend Louise Redknapp, when it comes to fashion, Emma knows what she’s talking about. With years of experience in the industry as a buyer and a freelance stylist, we often find ourselves looking to Emma for inspiration.

On top of all that, Emma juggles work alongside being a Mum of three. We sat down with her to find out the secret to managing it all, her top picks for Mother’s Day and how she styles her Daisy jewellery.

Hi Emma! Tell us about your first memory of Mother’s Day?
Buying my mum something from the Body Shop. Always a white musk basket that I’d get lovingly made up!

Has being a mother yourself changed how you feel about Mother’s Day?
I think you appreciate and understand the day more. I do expect a bit of a fuss, it’s nice to feel appreciated for that one day!

What do you usually gift your Mum?
My mum is so easy to buy for as she loves fashion & beauty. Jewellery is always on her list; she loves layering her bracelets and necklaces.

What’s your relationship like with your Mum, how has your relationship evolved over the years and what have you learnt from her?
I’m very close to my mum; when you have children you respect your mum for what they go through! Now my three children are teenagers she can relate to the way I feel with the constant worry. What your kids go through you go through- you feel it all. My mum has that with me and my two sisters and now her ten grandchildren – no wonder she doesn’t sleep!

What’s the best bit about being a Mum?
Watching them grow into independent young adults. I’m so proud of them and get so much joy from hanging out with them. It’s sad looking back at old photos from when they were little as it goes by so quick, but now they’re 14, 16 & 17 it’s so much fun. Hard work and tiring but so, so worth it.

In addition to being mum, you work on so many different projects. Is it hard to find that work life balance?
I try to never take on too much. I’ve got to a stage in my career that I say no to jobs that I know will fill me with dread and anxiety. Now my kids are older it is easier – my daughter drives, my two boys can walk home from school if needed, things like that are a game changer when you’re a working mum. Working for myself is a huge plus too. I work from home a couple of days a week which can be both a blessing and a curse!

Best piece of advice you’ve been given for motherhood and also work life?
Pick your battles! Definitely for family life and I guess it can relate to working life too!

What are your favourite Daisy pieces?
The necklaces. I’m obsessed with the Snake Chain in particular. Perfect worn alone and layered up with the Chakra necklaces or any longer necklace. I also love the colours of the cord Chakra bracelets.

What does jewellery mean to you?
I always finish off a look with jewellery. I love having signature pieces that I never take off, like a certain ring or necklace. There’s also sentimental value in jewellery too; treating yourself to a special piece when you’ve achieved a goal or receiving a gift from friends or loved ones.