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Daisy & Amira & Hassan

Since starting Modest Mira in 2015, Amira Khan has connected with a large audience sharing her love for fashion, writing, art, and photography. Being a friend of the brand for over 2 year she's now here to share with us, everything from styling tips, her and her husband Hassan's most loved Daisy pieces and exciting new content to look forward to in the future.

How do you come up with your styling looks?

Amira: I have really been focusing on the staple part of my wardrobe this year, homing in on basics and pieces that have longevity. It has really helped elevate items I already had to begin with and makes it so much easier to put outfits together. Pinterest has always been a key source of inspiration and of course Instagram.

Hassan: The weather plays a huge role in how I style for the day trying to balance between comfort and style. But always bringing out pops of colour and patterned garments where I can. I draw inspiration from blending modern fashion with classic fashion.

How often do you and Hassan style together?

We style our outfits together frequently, especially on date nights or when we are travelling together. We have a very similar sense of style overall so it’s quite easy to put outfits together for the both of us.

What's the jewellery piece that makes you feel like you?

Amira: Earrings! I feel very plain without earrings, I personally find earrings to elevate an outfit and adds character.

Hassan: No outfit is complete for me without accessorising it. My go-to accessories are rings and chain/pendant necklace depending on the outfit. If it’s a plain tee, that’s always best paired with a pendant necklace to let it have its shine. Rings are a must, I enjoy stacking my rings each with its own story to tell.

What is your favourite Daisy piece?

Hassan: My favourite Daisy piece is the Palm Enamel Signet Ring in Sterling Silver. I’ve always wanted a signet ring, especially for my pinky finger and Daisy’s sizing was perfect!

Amira: My favourite Daisy pieces is the Palm Wrap Huggie Earrings. I have been after a pair of small delicate earrings to wear for everyday and these are just perfect.

When you’re styling a jewellery look, where do you start? 

It all stems from the occasion and type of outfit I am wearing, earrings are usually my first choice when styling a jewellery look. I then move on to either necklaces or rings to finalise.

What in life makes you feel put together?

My diary! My dairy is my everything, without it, I would be very lost and all over the place haha! I pretty much plan my whole life in that thing.

You’ve got 5 minutes to leave the house, what do you wear?

My Paloma Wool black and cream sweater, Frame cream utility jeans, Black chunky boots, khaki 12 Storeez coat and lastly my black Ganni bag.

How would you and Hassan describe each of your styles in 3 words?

Amira: Hassan’s style is Classic, Bold, and Sharp

Hassan: Amira’s style is Feminine, Artsy and Classic.

Who inspires you?

My parents have always been a source of inspiration for me. Growing up and watching them achieve life-long goals together but most importantly witness the unconditional love they have for one another has always been something I have aspired for in my life.

Which fashion brands are you loving at the moment?

Arket and COS they have such great staple items to elevate your style. I have currently been loving Doen’s recent collection, their dresses and blouses are gorgeous. Definitely have my eye on a couple of pieces for the summer.

Can you tell us about any exciting content/plans you have coming up?

We have a trip to Malta planned in March, which we are very excited about. We also have a few more travel plans in the works for the rest of the year. I will be launching the next collection for my scarf brand Sahar° by ModestMira next month hopefully and thrilled to finally get it out there. On the art front, Hassan and I have a mini collection of art pieces releasing soon too!

To see more styling content from Amira check out her instagram @modestmira_to inspire your jewellery styling & if you are wanting to elevate your jewellery collection check out our Bestsellers to see the most loved jewellery pieces.