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Daisy Muse | Meaningful Gifting With Chloe Plumstead

Meet beautiful Chloe Plumstead. Why we love her so much? Her style, her honest ‘say it as it is’ attitude and one of our favourite original Daisy bloggers. We’ve known Chloe for a while now and it’s safe to say, she’s an absolute gem (no pun intended!) Plus she always knows how to make our jewellery look good.

We caught up with her to find out what jewellery means to her and who’ll she be gifting this Christmas.

Hi Chloe, you’ve mentioned before how sentimental you are…tell us what jewellery means to you?

I think jewellery has the power to convey and carry meaning in a way that many other ‘things’ don’t.  It’s a special thing to be able to infuse a ring, for example, with the love and protection of a family member, or a pair of earrings with the support of a best friend. I love being able to carry around memories and emotions in dainty pieces of metal and stone, and in a purely aesthetic way, I love how a relatively basic outfit can be transformed into something more unique and personal with the addition of jewellery. Popping on some rings or untangling a stack of my favourite necklaces has been a part of my morning routine for as long as I can remember, so jewellery, really, has become an important part of my identity.

We’re all about meaningful jewellery. What is your most treasured piece and why?

I have a few! One of my Mum’s old rings which we’re both fairly certain one of her old boyfriends gave her, but we’ve got no idea what it’s made of and where it’s from. I kind of like that though – I love imagining her at my age because I know we would have had the best time. It reminds me of her every day and it’s one of the most important parts of getting dressed for me. Then there’s a ring my brother and boyfriend clubbed together to buy me, and a locket with a ‘K’ for Keiran engraved on it because I’m very sentimental.

Do you prefer gold, silver, rose gold or do you like to mix it up? 

I’m definitely a gold girl, although I’m becoming more open to mixing metals and trying a few more silver pieces.

What do you prefer, chunky/statement or delicate?

Delicate jewellery, but layered up. I have a few ear piercings so I love popping in a mixture of studs and hoops and creating a stacked look. The same goes for necklaces, aside from the odd chunky pendant I own; I opt for smaller, delicate pieces and then layer them up at different lengths or with different chain styles. I’m a simple dresser so I find this makes my plain tees and jeans look a thousand times more thought-out.

You’ve been wearing our collections for some time, what are your favourite Daisy pieces? 

My favourite piece is probably the Rose Quartz Healing Stone Necklace. It’s such a simple piece but I always receive so many compliments on it, and being as much of a hopeless romantic as I am, I love that Rose Quartz is recognised as the ‘crystal of unconditional love’. I usually layer mine up with other gold necklaces for a chunkier look.

Will you be gifting Daisy to anyone this year and what pieces?

Yes! There are so many pretty options this year for gifting at Daisy. My best friend, for example, would LOVE the Iota Daisy Hoop Earrings. She’s more of a silver-wearer than gold, but she’d love the floral design and subtle gold detailing. The hoops feel special and they’re quite different to most of the other huggies I’ve seen. For my boyfriend’s sister or a cousin, the Mulberry Leaf Studs are perfect. They’re fairly simple so I feel like they’re an easy-crowd pleaser, but they’re still super pretty and perfect for stacking up if your giftee has multiple piercings. And for Mum, the Labradorite Healing Stone Necklace. My Ma would love the sentimental meaning behind the stone, and it’s a piece she could wear and love every day (and think of me, her favourite child…)

Tell us your favourite thing about Christmas and how you usually spend Christmas day?

Chilling out! My family typically go out for Christmas dinner but last year my brother and I decided to start a new tradition, and now we head to the pub for a few drinks before tottering back to mine for food and TV. The slower-paced a Christmas day, the better; I want to be able to eat, wear, drink, listen to and watch what I want,  all with a glass of prosecco in hand. In the evening my boyfriend comes back from seeing his family and we head to my grandparents for A LOT of snacks (my Nan is a feeder) and card games. I love it.