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Estée Edit | April 2021

Oh hello, it’s me, Estée. Channelling my inner Carry Bradshaw, I couldn’t help but wonder… how awesome Mother Nature is!

With a new season in full swing and the world opening up I’m absolutely loving seeing nature come to life everywhere you look. Spring has sprung (minus the temperature of course) and I’m so grateful that with it comes a feeling of hope and the start of a new chapter for us all.

Sometimes I think living in a big city means that you have to be disconnected from nature, but that doesn't have to be the case. Even though sometimes I'm a bit distracted or not so aware of it, I am so grateful to be able to wake up and walk to a park and enjoy fresh air. London is greener than I realise sometimes! It’s the simple things for me like noticing new flowers on my walks with Effie.

Speaking of my Queen Effie… she absolutely adores being out in nature! Exploring, running, rolling. She’s all over it. She is a little nervous when she’s

on her daily walks around our local greens but she's so at ease in a forest or on Hampstead Heath. She suddenly feels so much calmer and safe because of the open space. She loves walking with her dog friends and finding all new smells. She has come a very long way!

Having Effie has really helped me because she keeps me present and I have to take her outside regularly. Living in London, or any city can take its toll on you. So it’s really important to mentally escape and this is something I really prioritise! On the weekends I make sure Effie & I drive to a beautiful spot far from the city. I really find this helps me gather my thoughts and feelings from the week prior and for the week ahead. And put the phone down! Allow myself to just be; take a breath and enjoy the natural world around me.

“Every Spring I’m in complete awe of nature when walking through the streets of London”

That being said, every Spring I’m in complete awe of nature when walking through the streets of London. It’s just incredible. Every single year I'm stunned by the buds blooming in the trees. All Londoners will know that it completely transforms the city and makes us feel alive. Nature always seems to know when to take over to lift everyone's spirits and energy for the warmer days to come.

I love a new season ritual! Whether it’s a good old fashioned Spring clean, a wardrobe clear out, a new skincare routine,

fresh candles at home, getting out in the garden... I love it all. But let's face it we have busy lives and a lot on our minds. We’ve just passed the pandeiversary!? Who would have guessed that would be a thing in our lives ever. So for me, I think letting go a bit more and enjoying the journey is one of my mantras for this season. As everything opens up again, I want to make sure I’m socialising and being inspired by the people around me. I can’t wait for sunnier days to be able to take myself and my yoga mat to the park and have a Yin Yoga session.


- Flowers, flowers and more flowers! In the house, in the garden, at the market… surround yourself with beautiful Spring blooms. My absolute favourite is Hot pink Ranunculus!

- Create all the vibes and listen to your favourite sounds on a long walk. This month my desert island disc is Love Letters by Metronomy.

- Wear jewellery to match your mood. I’m all about my Flow Maxi Hoops ATM, they remind me of how nature is never perfect, but with imperfections comes beauty. Also, my Sunburst Signet Ring never leaves my finger right now. The abstract design of the sun reminds me of how much light there is in the world. We would be nowhere without light and it has so many forms.

- I know the hairdressers is on everyone's list this month, but I’ll say it again… give us ALL the bleach! I’m over the moon with my blonde locks, I’m starting to feel like myself again.

I don’t know about you guys but I am SO excited to be out there living life a little more again. No screens, real deal social interaction out there in the world. It’s been a seriously tough time, hasn’t it? It’s been so hard for me living alone during these times, although it’s given me the opportunity to think about all the amazing places and secret spots we have on our doorsteps in London. I’d always daydream about a Saturday night (wearing more than sweatpants) having a few too many glasses of wine! To laugh and be in the moment with friends while sharing a meal together is a luxury we’ve all missed so much and now, to be able to experience it (that be it with a lot of blankets wrapped around us) is such a wonderful feeling!

I’d like to end my love letter to nature thinking about the beauty beyond city streets, local parks and surrounding

forests… to the places I’ve felt most at one with nature and cannot wait to experience again soon. I’m an absolute water baby! So anytime I’m at the beach I feel so at home, I’m counting down the days until I can be in my bikini again!! Japan is also on my travel list, I’d love to go back there and spend more time in the moss-covered forests.

Wherever you are, never forget to take a deep breath and appreciate mother nature doing her thing!

With love,