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Estée Edit | June

Oh hi, it’s me Estée. Channelling my inner Carrie Bradshaw I couldn't help but wonder… is London the best city in the world? I may be slightly biased, but it’s definitely up there for me!

With the world continuing to open up here in the UK, I’ve loved being able to enjoy everything London has to offer. This month’s column is a love letter to the hustle and bustle of the city I live in; a celebration of my home and a handy guide for anyone looking to make the move.

When I came over all those moons ago, adjusting to a new and very different way of life was a real process. London living is noisy, fast-paced and diverse. A true delight for all the senses! My mom has always told me that I was made for the big city life, which makes me laugh. I have moments where I crave the countryside to be able

to press pause, but London is home for me now. I swear the sirens are definitely getting louder though! Maybe I’m just getting older haha.

Moving to a new place can be scary, especially on your own. It can be really overwhelming trying to settle in yourself, make new friends and basically start a whole new chapter of life. My top tip when it comes to moving somewhere new would be to take things at your own pace. Just because everything around you is new and exciting doesn’t mean you have to overstretch yourself. It’s fun to discover a new place on your own terms and do what makes you happy!

“My London style vibe is a silk flowy dress, a cool pair of sandals, probably my chunky Pradas, a cute pair of sunglasses and all my jewellery layered!”

After living in London for over 10 years now I’ve done my fair share of exploring. I’ve discovered some real hidden gems and I’m here to share them with you. Starting with the most important life necessity, an amazing local coffee shop. My personal favourite is Arôme in Covent Garden. Not only is the coffee incredible, the pastries will blow your mind. I am also a huge fan of a Chai Latte and my favourite spot in town for a delicious Chai is The Watchhouse in Rotherhithe. Everyone should go, immediately. So that’s the start of any day in the city sorted, now onto how to end it… with a perfectly poured cocktail of course. I love going to The Lighterman in Kings Cross. It has a stunning view of Regent’s Canal

and an equally as stunning cocktail menu. Bring on the Aperol Spritz for summer please!

You guys know how much I love food, so one of my favourite places in the city has to be Borough Market. With rows and rows of street food you will be spoilt for choice. And if you’re a cheese lover like me, Borough Market has multiple cheesemongers offering every type of cheese imaginable! Oh and while we’re on the topic of food I'm a regular at Le Chevalier Wine Bar & Shop. They do the perfect light dinner with a beautiful selection of wine. I love going out for drinks and dinner with friends and one of my favourite spots in town for a little Spanish tapas is José’s in Bermondsey.

Three Things Every Londoner Must Own:

- An umbrella

- A sense of humour

- A kettle for all the tea!

Ever since Effie came into my life we’ve been venturing further to get our much needed green fix. We like to go to parks that are quiet and have a lot of open space, to give Queen Effie some peace and quiet. Our go-to is Hampstead Heath in Northwest London. She absolutely loves it there! Sometimes she is even brave enough to make a few friends on the heath, which melts my heart. We also love Brockley Cemetery for a lovely green space and a little peace and quiet with nature. I find taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and being in green open spaces really helps me clear my head and feel refreshed.

Whether you’re born and bred or a newcomer, London is so inspiring and brings something new to your life every day.

With love,