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Estée Edit | March 2021

Oh hi everyone, it’s me Estée. Feeling strong, hopeful and motivated, I couldn’t help but wonder… just how amazing women are, am I right?

It’s International Women’s month and I’m talking ‘empowerment’, from my personal journey to the powerful women I admire. Plus a few ‘girl boss’ tips to help you feel strong when things are tough.

Who we are as women, how we experience the world, what we can do (mentally as well as physically), our sense of community and our everlasting strength, really is badass and something to celebrate every step of the way. I love to see female empowerment, and I love to feel it myself. But like so many things it comes and goes day-to-day, sometimes even moment to moment. Along the way, I’ve learned that increasing my self-awareness and setting goals that I’m in control of helps me reverse the feeling of being un-empowered.

I also love talking things through with friends. A lesson I learned was that the longer you sit in the feelings, the longer it will take to change them. Find what reminds you of moments you have had success in. You’ve got this!

I’ve often found that feeling motivated goes hand in hand with feeling empowered and let’s face it, the world at the moment isn't serving up motivation on a silver platter, we have to work harder than ever to find it in ourselves. Motivation for me is the result of looking back at nearly ten years and using this as a way to grow from what I was, what I am now and the dreams of what the future holds. And if that fails, check out my go-to checklist below. You really can’t go wrong with it….


1. Move to music

Music keeps me going. Especially when Effie wants to dance :) She loves it. I’ve recently been listening to a lot of disco to keep those vibes upbeat!

2. Put on your power suit

Firstly, I do my hair and makeup to achieve the “I’ve got this look”. Then for clothes I love the feeling of a crisp shirt, preferably my slightly yellow tinted Toteme one, with a truly flattering pair of leather pants. They make me feel cool too!

3. Show up and layer up

My jewellery is my armour and nothing makes me feel more empowered and ready to conquer anything than my Goddess Medallion T Bar Necklace. It always reminds me to be strong and never fear.

“My jewellery is my armour and nothing makes me feel more empowered than my Goddess Medallion T Bar Necklace. It always reminds me to be strong and never fear.”

Now, I can’t talk about empowerment without shouting out to all the women in my life who inspire me. And as you can imagine that is one long list. Honestly, all women inspire me. But women in business truly wow me. It’s never easy to start your own business, but I have met some incredibly empowered women who have blown the roof off of society’s expectations.

For me, feeling empowered in my work is so important. But confidence is a funny thing. We’re all human and one can have their moments of being unsure. We have to take scary leaps in order to grow. What’s the harm in trying? If I ever feel like I haven’t accomplished enough, I’ll step away from the work to reset. I think the power of resetting helps me a lot. It allows me to stop my mind spiralling into an unwanted space. When this happens, it’s probably because I have too much going on at once. Must remember this! If there’s one goal I want to accomplish this year, it would be to maintain a healthy relationship with myself and prioritise my own well being.

One of the things I love most about women is our pack like tendency, we will forever look after and encourage our own. Supporting and empowering each other is part of who we are. The way I empower others is to be vulnerable. It can be so helpful for people to hear the stories and experiences of others. I try to speak openly about the good things in life, whilst also accepting and sharing that things aren’t always easy. This always helps me while I’m panicking and I can see myself in someone else’s journey.

To all my women, you are badass and beautiful! Let’s continue to celebrate and empower each other.

With Love,


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