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Estée Lalonde | The Latest

After the launch of our newest additions to the Estée Lalonde collection, it only seemed natural to sit down with the lady herself to discuss our shoot in Seville and all the new pieces.

Estée! How are you? Seville feels like a distant memory doesn’t it? Was that your first visit?

Yes, it was my very first time. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was incredible. Funnily it was never really on my bucket list of places to go but it was AMAZING and I highly recommend it. It was such a small little place with beautiful colours, beautiful textures and so much interesting religious art.

The location house though…

Oh. My. God. When we got there, I walked in and it had this gorgeous foyer and then you look up and there were all these floors and different rooms with incredible patterns. It was the most perfect place to stay and shoot at, which is lucky because on the first day it was actually raining so we used the house till the sun came out.

Can we talk about the nuns making you cake?

This was so cool. One of my viewers DM’d me saying that we had to go to this place, so I asked the Spanish photographers from the shoot, if we could go to this nunnery. It was closed when we arrived but we waited (and waited some more, you may have seen on my Instagram stories!) and eventually out came these nuns with these delicious pastries in exchange for a little donation.

Tell us about your outfits on the shoot, any favourites?

The shots in the blue and orange dress from Joseph are my favourite – I love that dress! I also really like the one of me in the blue shirt holding the coffee cup. I love how you can dress the collection up or down whatever you wear.

Why did you decide to add a few more pieces to the collection?

It’s still the 70’s inspired contemporary take on our favourite vintage pieces but we really felt like we needed to add a few more pieces to round up the collection. After the overwhelming response to the launch back in October, we took into consideration all the feedback we received from our customers and these eight pieces were the result.

What are your favourite 3 pieces from the new additions?

The Sunburst Midi Hoop Earrings, Sunburst Chunky Stacking Ring and the Sunburst Signet ring. I literally wear them everyday.

What is your current favourite way to layer?

I’m still loving mixing those metals and I also think the earring layering trend has become my thing lately. I’m currently wearing the Sunburst Midi Hoops in my third holes instead of my first holes which I’m loving. I like wearing two of the same necklace sometimes like the gold and silver snake chain together for more of an impact.

Can guys where this collection and which pieces would you recommend to them?

Yes! I’d say the Sunburst Chunky Stacking Ring and the Sunburst Shield Necklace would be cool for a guy.

What do you think makes our collaboration so different to other brands?

Well, I didn’t just put my name to this collection. We all sat down together as a team and created pieces that we genuinely love. It was so important to me that I’d wear every single piece and I’m so so proud of what we created. It is everything I’ve always wanted from a jewellery collection and more.

How does it feel when you see somebody wearing the collection?

I love it! It is just like so amazing that somebody would want to wear something that we all worked so hard on. It is so fulfilling and that’s what has been so cool about it. One of my friends messaged me recently saying that she had a really important meeting and she was wearing my earrings from the collection to help her through it. It makes me so happy!

We certainly love it too.

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