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The Daisy Style Guide To WFH

 Getting ready for the day used to be an integral part of our daily routine, now, we need only worry about looking stylish from the waist up, that is if you prefer a ‘comfort is key’ dress code of course (it changes day to day for us!) We all have different regimes when it comes to productivity and what we wear plays such a big role in that. Whether that’s getting dressed in your usual work attire, wearing a special outfit or opting for a comfy loungewear set.

So, what’s your go to work-from-home mood? To help inspire you we’ve created a style guide, inspired by some of our favourite women.

Waist up dressing

No one can see the bottom half so why bother getting that part dressed, right? It’s all about making sure you’re looking stylish from the waist up and the Estée Lalonde T Bar Necklace and Estée Lalonde Thea Hoop Earrings are our go-to jewellery staples for ‘top half’ dressing.

Business as usual

Prefer a chic suit? Go for it. But don’t forget to pick the perfect jewellery to go with it – our  Sunflower Necklace  is a feel-good, look-good necklace that stands for positivity and happiness.

Dress to impress

Get up and dress up is your motto and those looks definitely need a jewellery stack to match, combine the Large Shell Necklace with the Estee Lalonde Chunky Chain Necklace for a statement look.

Cute but comfy

Wide-leg pants or loose-fitting maxi dresses provide all the comfort and all the style for a cool WFH look. The Estée Lalonde Goddess Medallion Necklace paired with the Estée Lalonde Octagonal Huggie Hoops is the perfect jewellery combo to impress at your next Zoom meeting.

Still in need of a little mood boost to help your productivity?

Here are a few self-care tips the Daisy team have found useful whilst working from home:

  • There’s a really high temptation to stay in your pyjamas all day (we totally get it) but it helps to get dressed in the morning, even if that’s into a lovely loungewear set or simply putting on a bit of lipstick.
  • Follow the light and get your daily dose of sunshine! Position yourself by a window or door and soak up some much needed Vitamin D when you can.
  • No desk? That’s okay! It seems that most of us don’t have a desk space at home. Try mixing it up between the sofa, the dining table, balcony or the kitchen.
  • Little tip: it helps to not work from your bed.
  • Remember to take breaks! It’s important to give yourself off-screen time.