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How To | Prevent Your Jewellery From Tarnishing

Do you believe in love at first sight? We do...

From the moment you lay eyes on your new jewellery we know, you’ll never want to take it off! Our collections have been designed to be worn and loved everyday. But sometimes, all that TLC can lead to your most-loved pieces losing some of their first-day shine. Don’t panic though, we have some top tips for you to prevent tarnishing and keep your Daisy jewellery glowing for years to come.

Extra Bubbles With Jewellery On The Side

We’ve all seen the iconic bathtub Instagram posts haven’t we? Bubbles flowing, candles everywhere, wine in hand (with the bottle just out of shot) and rings stacked. Now, as much as we’d all love to go glam at bath time, getting your jewellery wet is never good for its shine. To keep your jewels looking their absolute best, avoid submerging them in water or consistently getting your pieces damp, you wouldn’t want to risk tarnishing their natural glow.

Don't Break a Sweat

Spin, crossfit, hot yoga, online workouts, running... however you like to sweat we always recommend removing your jewellery before you exercise. Exposing your jewellery to the toxins and chemicals from sweat can cause it to tarnish. So next time you’re able to go to Saturday morning spin, don’t forget to leave your chains and stacking rings at home! If you absolutely can’t leave the house without jewellery (we know the feeling), pop in your fav studs or go-to hoop, as the exposure to earrings will be less.

Perfume First, Jewellery Second

We know an outfit is never complete without jewellery (heaps of it for that matter). It’s that finishing touch before you head out the door, your second skin you feel naked without! Like our skin, we need to be careful of what our skin comes into contact with and when. So before you spritz your signature scent remember, perfumes can cause your much-loved jewels to tarnish over time. Avoid exposing your jewellery to lotions, oils, perfumes, chlorine and other chemicals to ensure your pieces keep their original shine. We recommend moisturising and spraying on a bit of perfume first, allow a few minutes to settle then layer up your pieces.

Location, Location, Location

Where your jewellery lives when you're not wearing it is just as important as when you are. Your jewellery can oxidise through prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. It’s best to store your much loved pieces in a clean dry place, such as a jewellery box or a fabric lined case. The fabric pouch your Daisy jewellery comes in is a great place to store your jewellery and will help keep it looking as good as new for longer.

Keeping these simple tips in mind will keep your jewellery glowing for years to come! Now, time to find your next piece to love, explore bestsellers.