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How To | Style Coloured Jewellery

Two words: dopamine dressing. It’s been one of the hottest trends these past few months, and, when its number one goal is to spread some joy, who can complain? From resin rings reminiscent of the ultimate ‘90s childhood to hair accessories straight off the cover of Bliss, the high streets are seeing a rainbow redesign.

So, the question we’re here to answer is, how can you incorporate it into your jewellery box?

For a bit of mood-boosting and the added bonus of Chakra-balancing, try to bring a few gemstones into your look. Don’t be afraid to mix and match gems - it can be a really easy way to tie your outfit in with your jewellery. Rose quartz, for instance, is a really versatile stone and its subtle pink hue makes it ideal for pairing with other colours. For a more out-there hue, Green Onyx is a stunning emerald-shade that looks beautiful alongside your gold jewellery.

Add chromotherapy into your ear stack with some enamel hoops. In five different shades, and 3 designs, there’s an enamel earring for every stack. Either tone down with a selection of silver and gold studs and huggies, or go full out rainbow mode by styling different coloured huggies together.

Our beaded necklaces feature bright enamel beads on a fine 18ct gold plated or recycled sterling silver chain. Subtle enough to add a touch of colour without overpowering your outfit, they are true layering staples. Stack the different colours for a playful, festival-esque style that’ll make monochrome a thing of the past.

There you have it: three ways to bring some sunshine into your stack. We’d love to see how you’re harnessing dopamine dressing in your jewellery, so make sure to tag us in your high-spirited styling over on @DaisyLondon.