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How To | Spring Clean Your Wardrobe

How To Spring Clean Your Wardrobe In Four (relatively) Easy Steps, With A Little Help From Daisy...

With most of us living in leggings for god knows how long, Spring calls for a much needed wardrobe clear out. So, if you don't have Marie Kondo to hand, here's how you can do your very own wardrobe declutter.

1. Empty Your Wardrobe

Yes, the entire thing. Then separate your clothes into these six piles:

Clothes you wear all. the. time.

You know the ones. The jumper that's threadbare at the elbows because you've worn it so often; the jeans that have moulded to the shape of your bum; the trainers which you've literally walked 5,000 miles.

Statement pieces

You might not wear these all the time, but they're an essential part of your wardrobe. Think your favourite ‘out out’ dress, a pair of leather trousers, a tailored blazer, that sort of thing. Like Marie would say, things that bring you joy.

Clothes you can't remember the last time you wore

Or if you can, it was over a year ago. Ok, we're going to give you an extra year this time around, seeing as you probably haven't worn your favourite heels since the office Christmas party 2019.

Clothes that are uncomfortable, don't fit or broken.

A bra you always regret wearing or those high-waisted jeans that are your own personal torture. Be a bit more forgiving with yourself. With gyms closed and the fridge a matter of metres away, our bodies may have changed this year and that's ok!

Clothes that still have the label on

Why do 30 days when you're waiting for a holiday feel like forever but when it comes to returning clothes feel like a minute?

And then, the 'just no'

In fact, that purple bandana halter neck can go straight in the 'to chuck' pile.

Now you've separated your clothes into piles it's time to…

2. Give it a Clean

We're not just talking about spring cleaning your wardrobe in the figurative sense. We mean giving it a good scrub down. Whilst you might clean on the weekly, our wardrobes never get a look in. Wipe down all the surfaces and hoover those hard to reach areas. Take your time over it. You probably won't do it again until next spring.

3. Be Ruthless

Here's the tricky bit, deciding which clothes make the cut. If you're honest with yourself, many of these are obvious. Clothes you wear all the time and staple pieces, keep them. Clothes you really can't remember the last time you wore? Chuck them.

For clothes that are uncomfortable, ill-fitting, or broken, if they're so much so you won't wear them, chuck them. If you can alter them (and you're actually going to), make a separate pile and either get your sewing machine out or take them to a tailor ASAP. Whatever you do, do not put them back in the cupboard; otherwise, they'll never come out again. Then, for clothes still with the label on, unless you're

Kim K, there's probably a reason you've never got round to wearing them. Get rid.

Once you've decided what's going, you've got to decide what to do with it. How about organising a clothes swap with friends and get some new additions to your wardrobe without spending a penny? Or you could make some extra money by selling them online. Alternatively, donate them to your chosen charity. We love Dress For Success, a women's charity that provides free interview clothing for women who can't afford it. And remember, you can always find your nearest clothes bank online.

4. Re-Organise

Now you're left with a closet you covet. Separate your wardrobe into occasions and frequency of wear. For example, activewear, work, winter, holidays, eveningwear, you get the idea. Whatever makes sense for you. Put your go-to jeans within easy reach, and make sure your favourite cashmere knit is right at the top of the jumper drawer. That pink Lycra onesie that you wore to Wilderness one time? Well, if that's still in your wardrobe, you have not been doing this properly.

And you're done! That was easy, wasn't it?! Hopefully, your bedroom is looking more like a show home than a hurricane. Now, you just need to pair all your new-found favourite outfits with your staple Daisy pieces for a complete look. In fact, whilst you're here, why not take a look at some of our favourite looks this spring.

We hope that helped!

With love,

Daisy x