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LOVE Daisy | Linda & Martin

Tis’ the season of LOVE and we’re championing the people around us who make us shine and exploring love in all its forms. In honour of the power of connection we sat down with one of Daisy’s muses Linda and her partner Martin to talk all things love, jewellery and Valentine’s Day plans.

Firstly, tell us how you met?

We actually met at work but we started dating a couple of years after that.

What are your Valentine’s Day plans?

L: To be honest we will probably spend Valentine’s watching TV at home with a bottle of nice wine.
M: Correction - watching Park & Recreation which Linda got me hooked on!

What piece of Daisy are you gifting each other?

L: I would 100% go for something special such as any of the ear cuffs just to prove him that he can pull of anything.

M: Hard to pick as she’s got almost everything from the Daisy collection but I think I would go for another ring - probably another Dome Ring which she loves so she could have two.

What’s your love language?

L: Both of ours love language is probably physical touch. And words of affirmation.

What Daisy you’ll be wearing this Valentine’s Day?

L: The same stuff we shot for our Valentine’s campaign just changing the fancy outfits for sweats or PJs because who says you can’t wear jewellery at home.

M: Something minimal yet statement which for me is the Rose Signet Ring. I think it’s masculine while still adding a soft touch. And it works with my rose tattooes which is always a plus.

What's your favourite piece of jewellery to gift?

L: For me it’s earrings as there’s just something special about them and they can really change a look in my opinion.

M: I think you can’t go wrong with a ring.

What’s your most-loved Daisy piece?

L: My favorite piece has to be the Goddess Glow Hoops which I wear literally all the time. Such a great piece.

Lastly, what does love mean to you?

L: Making it through quarantine without killing each other? Just kidding, Martin is probably going to say something really nice and meaningful...

M: Yes, it’s the purpose of life!

Hexagon Palm Signet Ring

Round Snake Chain Bracelet

Estée Lalonde Dome Ring

Vita Necklace

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