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Spotlight On Bianca Capstick

We caught up with the lovely Bianca Capstick; yoga teacher, traveller, blogger and Daisy Jewellery enthusiast, to find out what makes her tick.

1. When did you first get into Yoga and why?

I first properly got into yoga in June 2015. I was in need of a break from a stressful and unfulfilling career and so had booked a one way ticket to India. I knew Yoga was something I wanted to explore, learn and practice while I was there, but at the time I had no idea it would transform my life in so many ways.

I had a lot I needed to release and let go of. Destructive behaviour and thinking patterns and while I didn’t fully understand why yoga was so beneficial for the mind, body and soul, something was calling me to it.

I ended up working in a Surf and Yoga retreat in Kerala, south India, for three months. Paid with a roof over my head, amazing veggie meals, surf lessons and twice daily yoga practices (chilled out Yin in the morning and dynamic vinyasa flow in the evenings); it was here I became hooked on yoga.

It was here that I understood that yoga is not a form of exercise (although I pass no judgment on those who practice yoga for the physical benefits only); but a way of life that calms the mind, offers clarity by facing yourself with who you really are; teaches you to be present, to breath and to live a kind, karmic life.

Of course, in learning to breath consciously, be still and be patient with yourself and meditate; you will become physically stronger, your body aligns and opens, and you can have a lot of fun playing with the asanas (the poses).

2. What’s your preferred type of Yoga: Hatha, Vinyasa, Lyengar, Ashtanga, Bikram, Hot Yoga, Kundalini, Yin Yoga, Restorative…? In your blog posts you talk about your love for Yin Yoga.

My favourite style of yoga to practice is Vinyasa Flow and Mandala flow (360 spirals around the mat).

I find that these are the most creative and playful ways to get into the asana practice so it suits my creative personality type.

While much of Yoga’s rich heritage is honoured in the practice, for example in engaging Ujjai breath and following the classic Sun Salutation sequences to warm up the body; I absolutely love having the freedom to sequence the practice as i like. With vinyasa flow I have the freedom to bend rules and make beautiful, almost dance-like flows on the mat.

This is how I practice at home and how I tend to teach.

Vinyasa Flow creates the space for breath-led, energetic movements and I encourage students to really dive into their bodies and feel the practice – tuning into how wonderful, graceful and uplifting yoga can be.

However experienced or inexperienced your practice, you can always breath and feel your way into your movements.

It’s not surprising that a highly active, fast thinker like me would choose balance the mind with an active and faster yoga practice; so to complement it, I also practice a lot of yin.

Vinyasa flow is a yang practice – strong masculine energy. Whilst a yin practice is a softer feminine energy in which you hold poses for 2-10 minutes to really work deep into the body’s connective tissue.

It’s very new to me to be able to sit still with myself and discipline myself to time on the mat where I don’t move much and I adore it. It’s transforming my mind set and practice as a whole.

To honour traditions and out of respect for the practice, I make time for Ashtanga as well. It makes me feel connected to the thousands and thousands of yogis, sages, gurus and teachers who have practiced yoga before me, and I love that idea.

It is from ashtanga that vinyasa flow and so may other styles are derived, so I love going back to the roots. Ashtanga is what I practice when I go to India – it’s the mother land for yoga after all.

I occasionally practice The Rocket and Power if I want to really work into strength, and I’d love to start getting into more spiritual practitioners like Jivamutki and Kundalini so I’ve made a commitment to find some regular classes and get into it this year.

3. Current obsession? Favourite place hangout, food, music, destination…?

Hmmmm Current obsession?… Can I have a few?

Europe is a bit of an obsession for me at the moment. Having traveled a lot to Asia, I’ve neglected our beautiful continent a bit; and after trips to Ibiza and Portugal I’ve come to realise the importance of taking breaks to reset and revive, so I will be making a lot more smaller trips to closer flung places.

I’m actually obsessed with the beach and I needed to remember that we have plenty of beautiful ones right on our doorstep. – Especially in Ibiza!

I’d really love to go back to Morocco, Croatia and Greece next year too – there are some amazing things going on with surf/yoga retreats opening up all over these countries and islands – and of course there in Obanjan Island.

Whether friends and family come with me, or if I’m flying solo, I definitely head to the beach once or twice a month. As a fire sign, the sea has an amazing calming effect on me and as a yoga Teacher I think it’s really important to be in a positive, balanced frame of mind to hold space for my students – so mini beach breaks, even chilling English ones, are up there in my list of obsessions.

My boyfriend DJs and collects vinyl so over the years that influence has crept into my life. I love using time alone to search out funk, blues and disco tracks and have begun buying records as well – so maybe one day mixing records might become something I’m good at.

Making playlists for my classes to really set the vibe is something I take a lot of pleasure in. (disco not always included)

It would be strange if I didn’t mention food here. I’m really into good, healthy, clean eating. This isn’t in an obsessive weight loss way, as I know the term “clean eating” attracts bad press, but I mean in terms of using real, whole ingredients to make cruelty-free, wholesome vibrant meals.

I think amazing things are being done in vegan food at the moment. I don’t think it’s a bad thing that it’s become “mainstream,” as ultimately this is going to be much better and longer for the planet.

I still find it amazing that a “chocolate mousse” can be whipped up using avocado, coconut oil, cacao powder and agarve syrup – 4 ingredients, nothing you can’t pronounce,  kind to the planet and absolutely delicious.

I’m loving trying to get creative in the kitchen in plant based way at the moment.

4. You love to travel and so do we at Daisy, If you could visit anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you go?

Yes, I LOVE to travel!! There are two places really high on my list at the moment – Burma and Bali.

At the moment I’m saving for a trip to Burma/Myanmar as I am hoping to spend a month there.

Burma has been on my radar since I lived in Cambodia as I didn’t make it there that time. The 2000 temples of Bagan, The Irrawaddy river and the beaches on the Bay of Bengal are a totally beguiling idea to me.

I’m itching to go. I love Buddhist countries – the temples, the way of life –  and I could get lost wandering the streets at sunrise watching the monks in their orange robes.

I also haven’t made it to Bali yet. It’s a yoga, surf, beach, cultural, vegan melting pot of heaven. – not to mention the Gili islands!

I have an ambition to work over in Bali so it might be towards the end of next year that I head over there as I can imagine wanting to settle a while..

5. What’s your favourite Daisy Chakra piece?

That’s a tough one as the whole collection is gorgeous. Aesthetically I love the way that the 5th chakra, Vishuddhi, is drawn.

Vishuddhi is the spinning blue ball of energy at your throat, making it quite apt that I’m in love with the Vishuddhi Choker!

I’m having a love-in with Rose Gold at the moment so I love that Daisy do all of their collections in that hue. I think it’s a more bohemian and feminine way to wear gold.

I’d also stack all of your chakra bracelets around my wrists in gold, silver and rose gold as I like to clash the metals.

6. What is a day in the life of Bianca like?

I’m making a conscious effort to meditate in the mornings for 10 to 15 minutes a day. So it’s a new habit of mine to get up quite early, have a hot water and lemon and sit in peace with some chilled tunes playing (usually blues) while I sit and meditate for a while.

I’m also trying to get into the habit of waiting until after my morning practice before I have a coffee, if at all, but in these cold, dark mornings that isn’t always possible.

It’s also morning ritual that I enjoy, so after my meditation (and a few yin poses to open up the body) I’ll simmer some rice milk and make a strong rice milk latte with a teaspoon of coconut oil (to slow down the release of caffeine) in my KeepCup and head off to FRAME Shoreditch for a morning yoga practice, maybe followed by a work out.

My working week is quite varied at the moment. Some days I will be at the creative agency  where I occasionally freelance, and on other days I teach.

Regardless of which, I get a good (desk side) breakfast in, usually either eggs and avocado or porridge with coconut milk. And then it’s either work or classes.

I think it’s really important to take a lunch break so I’ll always go for a walk around Shoreditch and/or go to the studio to either lesson plan / create my yoga sequences or have a little stretch / yin practice to chill me out.

In the afternoon I’m back to work. I don’t teach many afternoon classes so it’s likely to be blog stuff. I’m focusing more on yoga, wellness and travel writing so ill be editing photos and writing copy – If I wasn’t a yoga teacher then I’ve always dreamt of life as a travel photographer….

There are a couple of early evening yoga classes that I love to get to so that takes up some of my evenings.

On other nights I chill at home cooking dinner with my boyfriend and friends. I’ve been lucky enough to work with an amazing chef, Sara, of The Bondi Kitchen at a couple of Steffy White’s Yoga Retreats this year, and she has really inspired me with her plant based creations.

And if I’m not practicing yoga or chilling at home then I will meet friends for drinks / food somewhere in East London. I’m very lucky with my close circle of friends here and we make a lot of time for each other which I really appreciate.