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Getting Festive With Fran Newman-Young

We met up with the beautiful Fran Newman-Young, a lifestyle, fashion, travel blogger from London who also runs her own events company. Fran is currently representing our brand new Amazonite Healing Stone Necklace and layers it to perfection alongside our iconic Chakra necklace and choker if we do say so ourselves!

We sat down with her to find out what she likes to do at Christmas time.

Hi Fran, we absolutely love Christmas here at Daisy and getting into the festive spirit. What’s your favourite part of Christmas? 

Food, friends and family. Three of my favourite things.

If you were throwing a Christmas party, where would it be and what would it be like?

I run events for a living so I’d have to make my own Christmas party really special.  The theme would be Alice in Winter Wonderland and I’d have friends crawl down a furry lined rabbit hole into a spectacularly decorated blank canvas space. Ultimately, it would be a banquet style dinner with amazing music, a few surprise performances and plenty of gin-based cocktails.

Favourite places in London to get you in the Christmas spirit?

I love London at Christmas time. With all the Christmas lights up, it feels really magical. I love layering up in cosy knits and wandering around the Christmas markets at the weekend.  Duke of York Square and Southbank are two of my favourites.

Ultimate hangover cure?

I like to keep a bottle of water beside the bed and a sachet of rehydrating salts.

Go-to party outfits?

You can never go wrong with sequins, right? I have a few long-sleeved sequin dresses that get dusted off around November and returned to storage (aka my parents) in January.

Mulled Wine or Mulled Cider? 

Make mine a Mulled Wine with an extra shot of Amaretto. I can only have a couple before they get too sickly.

Christmas cake or Mince pies?

Christmas Cake with brandy butter, please.

Turkey or Goose?

I recently found out that turkey is actually a tradition from the States and we used to be a goose nation. Turkey isn’t my favourite meat, but my Dad’s a really good cook. It’s become our household tradition now so I’ll go with turkey (in case he sees this).

Stuffing or Pigs in Blankets?

It wouldn’t be fair to choose.