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The Estée Edit | December

Well, we did it! What a relief… I’m sure I speak for us all when I say ‘goodbye and good riddance 2020!’ It’s one we’ll never forget & hope we’ll never see again.

It’s been an insanely tough year, there’s no denying that, but as it comes to a close and I sit here reflecting on everything that’s happened I find myself brushing over the bad and instead, shining a light on the good. So I’d like to dedicate this column to just that, let’s crack a smile and celebrate any and all the goodness you can get your hands on! It took me a little while but trust me it’s there...
I started by thinking about what lessons I’ve learned this year and the most important one, for me, is how to ask for help. It’s never as easy as it sounds is it? I used to think that I needed to do everything on my own, that goes for work-related tasks or emotional support. But this year has made me realise that it’s ok to ask loved ones for help and that doing so is not a sign of weakness. If anything it shows real strength.

One of the good things about the many many lockdowns we’ve been through is that it’s forced us all to hit pause and reflect on what really matters to us. We’ve been given the chance to try new things, discover new skills, create new routines and appreciate our homes on a whole new level. The banana bread phase was just the tip of the iceberg wasn’t it? Running is something I’ve discovered I love… well if I’m being honest, love is perhaps a little strong but I really appreciate it and it’s helped me. Moving your body is so important, especially if it gives you a sense of freedom and how precious has that feeling been this year?

This new pace of life, while hard to adjust to at first, has allowed me to recognise what I can live without or in some cases need less of.

Firstly, I’m saying goodbye to the pressure of what other people think I should be doing and I’m also done with excessively socialising; I’ve been focusing on a few really close people rather than always being on the go, I get exhausted just thinking back on it now! Slowing down has been really great for my mental health and means my bestée friendships get the TLC they deserve. Speaking of love, there’s a certain lady that has been through it all with me. Effie & I have helped each other so much this year. She’s taught me immense patience. I honestly thought I was patient before, but I’ve reached a whole new level! Effie has also taught me a lot about giving and receiving love. Love can look very different in different scenarios.

I tell you what guys, the Estée ending this year is totally different from the Estée who started it. Last year, I was very much into partying and having a GREAT old time, but heading into 2021 I’m all about feeling grounded and keeping it low-key. I’ve also started to really love being outside. I used to like being in nature but I’ve found a whole new appreciation for it this year. Maintaining positivity throughout an extremely tough year is something I’m so proud of, even though it was hard sometimes, overall I managed quite well. It really has been quite a journey but I’m so happy with where I’m finishing the year in myself.

Festivities are looking pretty different this year, aren’t they? But wherever you are, whoever you can safely be with make sure you take a moment to celebrate getting through this crazy year! I wish I was home with my family, I miss them so much. They are my must-have for any celebration, along with Effie, the Wavy Snake Chain Necklace and the T-bar Box Chain Earrings in gold, they make me feel like a million dollars! Oh and wine. Period. I guess 4 out of 5 isn’t too bad
I wanted to end by saying a huge THANK YOU for all your support this year, I couldn’t have done it without you all. Cheers to you, we made it!
Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year. See you in 2021!

Love Estée x

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