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Well, What A Year That Was

That was really quite something wasn't it. We are so grateful to each and every one of you. While we can all agree 2020 was extremely hard for everyone, we do have a few moments to celebrate. Here's a little trip down memory lane. Thanks for joining us for the ride. 

We started the year with a love letter to New York. Shooting Estée in some of her favourite pieces walking the streets of the Big Apple. On this trip we captured both the beauty of the jewellery and the heart and soul of New York City.

Counting down the days until we can safely travel again. 

We also launched our Floriography collection. Flowers that last forever. Inspired by beautiful dried flower pressing and wax stamps, these florals launched Daisy into Springtime.

As we entered lockdown 1.0, we got creative with our campaigns and were blown away by what our Vita girls created at home. A collection inspired by the beauty of the female body these women not only created beautiful content but inspired and celebrated the strength of our bodies.

As well as launching our Homegrown Daisy series, which saw our Creative Director Ruth chatting to some of our fav women. Life drawing with Alexandria Coe, Nail Art with @overglowedit & most recently festive wall hangings with Hazel Gardiner. We may have been stuck indoor but with a little help from our friends, there was no limit to our creativity this year.

In May we launched our Artisan collection, which celebrated the makers and the undiscovered crafts from around the world. Although we weren’t able to travel to these magical corners of the earth, the campaign was brought to life by artisans. These skilled crafters & friends of the brand captured the collection whilst doing what they do best, creating. 

This year as a brand we educated ourselves on the Black Lives Matter movement and made it our mission to not only educate others but action a response in every element of our business. A starting point for us this year was our Black Makers Edit. Promoting black owned businesses throughout our website and social platforms and selling their items as part of our Christmas launch this year.

Find out more about our Black Makers edit.

 Autumn brought in the hype of the much anticipated third collection by Estée Lalonde. We took a trip to the dreamy English countryside and shot the new Estée collection on location in the Cotswold. Named Elevate, this third collection is all about timeless, simple pieces that elevate your everyday style.

Black Friday was another momentous week.

We had over 10,000 orders all of which were carefully packages by our amazing team and sent out to 78 countries around the world.

& finally with everyone celebrating Christmas a little differently this year we made it our job to be there when you couldn't be. Gift orders having been coming into Daisy since the start of the holiday season and all of your gift messages make us proud and grateful to have customers like you.

This year has been hard and we are so thankful to you for continuing to support Daisy.

Do you want to see what you all bought this year? Thought so…

Going For Gold

It's no surprise that gold still reigns supreme, with more than half of you choosing out gold pieces over silver. 

Layer Up

Necklaces are still our most loved pieces and you sure do love to layer. 

All Ears

2020 was also the year of 20,000 earrings... 40,000 if you count each one individually. Enough earrings for a lot of zoom calls. 


We made over 50,000 new friends this year and have loved sharing all our content with you on Instagram. 

Read All About It

We've printed and circulated 55,000 copies of our Daisy Times newspaper!


Here's to a new year and the same old us. Thank you for being you!