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The Estée Edit | November

Hi guys! Welcome to my November column, this month it’s all about gratitude. After a year like this one, feeling grateful isn’t always easy is it? But as we stumble through another lockdown I wanted to offer a little inspiration on being thankful, sharing love and staying present.For me, I couldn’t have got through this year without my Mom! You may have briefly seen the lovely Kelly Lalonde on my IG live with Daisy a couple of weeks ago? She nearly broke the internet and momentarily appeared in her PJs! My Mom has been such a huge support for me, I call her every day during lunch which is breakfast for her in Canada. We chat about our days, with a little bit of nonsense thrown in of course, it’s such a simple thing but I’m so grateful for it.

‘My Mom has been such a huge support for me this year, I call her every day during lunch.’ 

Now, I can’t possibly talk about gratitude without mentioning a certain blonde… can you guess? As you know I adopted Miss Effie from the Wild At Heart Foundation, and while it’s definitely been challenging at times, rescuing her has been incredibly rewarding. It’s been so wonderful to have a furry friend around especially since I live alone, never a dull moment I’m telling you! I think Effie is most grateful for my new car. She can explore all the big parks all around London now, she’s absolutely loving it! We went up to Hampstead Heath last weekend and she went crazy, there was mud everywhere.

Before writing this column I asked myself what does gratitude mean to me? What is my experience of being grateful this year? And I always come back to the act of being present! Well, as much as you can nowadays. For me it’s all about being thankful for those little moments, habits, routines and pleasures that make up each day, no matter how small they might be… like a good cup of tea or the sun beaming on my face, it’s so important to stop and appreciate them. If ever you struggle to find things you’re grateful for, I always find it useful to make a list, it forces you to remember what’s important to you.

Top 5 Things At Home I’m Grateful For 

- Effie
- Fresh flowers
- My bed
- My bathtub
- And most importantly my Netflix subscription!

Showing love and celebrating those you are grateful for has been more relevant than ever this year. Whoever has got you through, spending time and sharing moments with that person is the most generous gift you can give. And while we haven’t been able to see many people in person, phone calls and video chats have been a lifeline for all of us! However, I might have to draw the line at Zoom quizzes... I’m sure we can all agree we had enough of these in lockdown 1.0 to last a lifetime ;)

With the launch of my newest collection last month I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on collections one and two, the meaning behind each piece, what they make me feel when I wear them as they all mean so much to me, so when thinking about gratitude it’s difficult to pick one style that really resonates… but writing this now I am drawn to the Parallel Snake Chain...because two is better than one right?! Jokes aside though, the parallel snake chain reminds me of companionship. Every snake needs a friend ;)

Be safe, stay present and keep smiling!

Love Estée x