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Estée Lalonde

The Goddess Interview

 Let’s talk Goddess. We sat down with Estée to discuss our collection together, the inspiration behind it and what being a goddess means to her…

" A goddess is anyone who wants to be a goddess! Empowering others and being your natural
and best self."

Welcome back! Collection number two is here! How does it feel to be live?

I’m still buzzing from the first collection so I can hardly believe we’re already launching collection number two! I’m so excited and so proud that it’s finally launched and that everyone can see the hard work that’s been put into it.


The theme is Goddess, where did the idea come from and what was your inspiration?

I really wanted to create a collection that emphasised the beauty in all of us and the power of feminine energy by honing in on a celestial theme.


Talk us through the design process and how this theme is translated in the jewellery?

I was actually inspired to create this collection while I was taking a bath one day. I had palo santo and incense burning and was noticing all of the curves of my body that are unique to me. It got me thinking about all of the times I spoke negatively about myself in my head and I wanted this collection to inspire positive self talk image. Feeling proud of all that you are.


So what is a Goddess?

A goddess is anyone who wants to be a goddess! Empowering others and being your natural and best self, don’t let anyone tell you that you are not a Goddess!


Are their goddesses in your life that inspire you?

I’m surrounded by goddesses every single day! All of my best friends are constantly hyping each other up. It’s so great to have people to help boost your confidence because it’s something that has to be worked on every single day.


There are certainly times when we can all feel far from goddesses. Do you have any tips on bringing out the goddess in you?

Of course. I have those days too! Sometimes it can feel almost impossible to get out of a rut. Take a breath and focus on yourself. Self love is so important.


The first collection took inspiration from the power and strength of the sun. This collection draws on the energy of the moon. What does this really mean and how can we see this in the collection?

I feel like both of these collections personify the journey of how I’ve felt over the past year and a half. Last year, I needed to focus on me and feel strong again. I’m now feeling more empowered in myself and with who I am and with the people I surround myself with. All the symbols, shapes and textures in this collection bring together the themes and motifs we believe a goddess is.

Do you have any stand out pieces from the collection?

I love every single piece and just like the last collection, I only wanted to release jewellery that I would personally wear day to day. It’s so hard to pick favourites, but I really love the Goddess Medallion T Bar necklace and the Chunky Chain necklace. Oh, and the ear cuff is cute!


Are there any staple pieces from the collection that you find yourself always layering?

The Chunky Chain necklace is a great piece to start with because it can be worn on it’s own as well as with other necklace. The Luna Lock necklace is a great statement piece that can also be layered with more simple chains too – LOVE!


Can we wear both collections together? If so which pieces will you be mix and matching?

Absolutely you can! I really wanted these two collections to feel different, but still connected. I mix and match my rings and earrings from the first collection with this collection all the time, they look great together!


The shoot in Marrakesh was amazing. Why there?

There’s something so magical about Marrakesh. The different tonal elements of the decor suited the aesthetic of the shoot perfectly, plus the sunsets were an incredible backdrop for the outdoor shots!


What was your favourite look from the shoot?

I absolutely loved wearing the yellow gingham dress from STAUD.


If you could have any goddess in the world wear your collection, who would it be?

I am honestly so flattered whenever my best friend Klaudia and my Mom wears my jewellery! The fact that they love it enough to wear it is so amazing! Hmm…who else? It would be pretty cool if Emma Roberts wore a piece from my collection. I love her style!

We can’t wait to get our hands on the new pieces.