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The Making Of The New Estée Collection

After four years of working together, three bestselling collections and too many glasses of wine to count, we felt like there were still items we wanted to create that were missing from our jewellery boxes. The kind of pieces that pull everything together.

We started talking about the new collection all the way back in January. Still lockdown, still the middle of winter, still all on Zoom. It felt like a good (or a much-needed) time to call on our creativity and get those juices flowing. Bring on the idea sharing, virtual design meetings, and sample reviews.

We wanted to create something that united all three of our previous collections. Pieces that were simple and effortless, yet still sophisticated. Jewellery that made you feel put together. We all had our wobbles over lockdown. So whether that was about pulling ourselves together when things got tough or longing to finally be together again.

“I feel like I’ve grown so much since we launched our first collection and my style’s evolved with me. These pieces really reflect that change in me.”

They reflect the change in all of us. We’ve all changed over the last 18 months. We’ve had to deal with things we never imagined. We’ve grown, we’ve matured, we’ve found ourselves feeling grateful for what we used to take for granted.

Inspired by contemporary sculpture, Estée was drawn to the curved lines and flowing shapes. Handcrafted in 100% recycled silver and 18ct gold-plate, featuring bold hoops and chunky chains, this 22 piece collection might be simple but it’s one of our most meaningful. They grab your attention without trying too hard. They’re the kind of pieces you’ll wear everyday.

“It’s my favourite collection yet!”

-Estée Lalonde