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4ocean | Our Plastic Pledge

One thing we can all agree on? We all love our oceans and our planet. Daisy is and always has been, inspired by the wonders of travel and far flung shores. By the incredible marvels our planet hosts and how fortunate we are to work with people all around it. That’s why we've teamed up with 4ocean to help clean up our act and our oceans.

For every item purchased, Daisy x 4ocean will remove 90g of plastic—equivalent to 10 small plastic bottles—from our planet's oceans. For each item you buy, we’ll send a donation contributing to 4ocean’s clean-up efforts. We don't want to simply not have a negative effect. We want to have a positive effect on our planet.

Since launching in 2017, 4ocean has removed 8,277,489 kg from our oceans. That’s about the weight of a cargo ship per year, one US space shuttle per month, an Asian elephant a week or a caravan a day! We’re incredibly excited to be able to play a part in clearing more. With 5 global facilities providing 350+ full time jobs to locals in those areas, we are proud to be supporting the fantastic work they do.