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A-Z of Gemstones
There's a meaning behind every stone...


Calmness | Balance | Good Fortune
Amazonite's signature turquoise hue is said to soothe the senses and calm the soul. Bringing balance and peace to the wearer, it encourages good fortune through more positive thinking.


Balance | Healing | Spirituality
Amethyst, February’s birthstone, is a miracle aid for those trying to bring about a bit of balance. It harnesses healing properties to help strengthen relationships and form new meaningful connections. For those struggling with spirituality, amethyst can help by improving mental and emotional well-being.


Courage | Tranquility | Clarity
Once used as a protective stone by those at sea, aquamarine is known as a symbol of courage and tranquillity. Its grounding properties can be beneficial for those seeking clarity in their lives, whether that be social, relationship or work-related. A beautiful vibrant stone, this is especially powerful for March babies as their official birthstone.


Truth | Honesty | Wisdom
For peace of mind, invest in blue topaz. This stunning blue stone is the birthstone for December babies and holds the key to honest communication. It can help to focus the mind, providing the wearer with the confidence needed to take action and make more meaningful decisions. Wisdom is one of the most important properties of blue topaz, hence it is also believed to help the wearer accept personal truths.


Energy | Joy | Abundance
Don't worry, be happy - or so this honey-coloured stone will tell you. Citrine is known to welcome in happiness and enthuse the wearer with new and vibrant energy. For those born in November, this stone encourages abundance of whatever they may be searching for.


Love | Healing | Intuition
Emerald has always been seen as a symbol of true love. In ancient Greece and Rome, it was thought that Venus, the Goddess of Love, would even wear the bright-green stone as a ring. Connected too to the heart chakra, it helps to invite meaningful relationships and make intuitive decisions.


Energy | Passion | Courage
The birthstone for those born in January, garnet historically has been associated with the heart, blood and fire - making it a true symbol of passion. Its rich dark red tone reflects its properties of inner strength and courage.


Optimism | Confidence | Creativity
The vibrant green aventurine crystal brings confidence and prosperity. Stimulating our need to persevere, it creates a sense of optimism and hope. It inspires the imagination to enhance creativity, helping to visualise alternative solutions and possibilities.


Strength | Confidence | Good Fortune
Green onyx is associated with the planet Mercury, which links the stone to intelligence and inner strength. Wearing it also has the effect of increased confidence, encouraging the wearer to face conflict and anxieties head-on. Once believed to bring good luck and abundance, many ancient civilisations used green onyx as a talisman.


Calmness | Concentration | Creativity
Visually similar to marble, this stunning white stone is thought to exude a sense of calm and absorb feelings of anger, strain and stress. As with other white gemstones, Howlite offers peace and the ability to concentrate. Many consider it a meditation aid due to its ability to help the user focus, which can help stimulate creativity.


Transformation | Intuition | Protection
Considered the ‘dreamer’s stone’, labradorite is said to awaken the inner spirit and heighten awareness of one’s surroundings. A protector against pessimism, it encourages us to be the best version of ourselves.


Wisdom | Truth | Peace
The deep blue Lapis Lazuli is known as the ‘wisdom stone’, and is considered one of the most important stones by the ancient Egyptians. It encourages a clear mind and good judgement, acknowledged for its ability to imbue truth and intuition in the wearer.


Courage | Protection | Wisdom
Malachite’s hypnotic green hue and imperfectly perfect swirls also have an inner meaning. This dark emerald coloured stone is said to keep the wearer protected, absorbing negative energy and pollutants. Known for its protective energy, Malachite helps us in times of transformation. Step outside your comfort zone, settle those nerves and trust yourself.


Luck | Abundance | Change
This iridescent, milky-white stone was named after its resemblance to the moon’s surface. Having been used and celebrated for millennia, it is associated with many different properties - though, most of all, it is known for bringing good fortune. For those born in June, it represents new beginnings and abundance. Historically, it was also thought to enhance clairvoyance due to its innate connection to the moon.


Love | Hope | Originality
Referred to as the 'cupid stone’ by the Romans, the opal represents love and hope in their purest forms. Its iridescent appearance makes it a beautiful stone to wear, but its properties run much deeper. Imbuing the wearer with originality, this October birthstone is ideal for those wanting to enhance their confidence and self-worth.


Cleansing | Good Fortune | Confidence
Fortune favours the brave - and those who wear peridot. This sea-blue stone is thought to bring good luck and prosperity to its wearer. Known as the August birthstone, peridot instils the wearer with a refreshing sense of confidence - pushing them to strive for higher goals.


Love | Kindness | Hope
Similar to the white opal, the pink counterpart is particularly powerful for matters of the heart. It is a stone of love and tenderness and can unblock the heart chakra - which is especially important for those suffering from heartbreak. With historic relations to good health, the opal is still thought to bring hope and optimism to the wearer.


Healing | Energy | Positivity
Named by the ancient Greeks for its rose colour, rhodochrosite is associated with inspiring positivity and the inner self. Known too for its healing properties, this vibrant pink stone is thought to help with easing troubles of the heart.


Love | Compassion | Calmness
Representing unconditional love and compassion, this pale-pink stone is strongly attached to the heart and throat chakras. It speaks to all kinds of love, from healing family ties to learning how to embrace self-love.


Passion | Love | Joy
July’s birthstone, the ruby, encourages passion and encourages the wearer to live a little more dangerously. It is an effective stone for removing negative energies, allowing the wearer to welcome new love and joy into their life.


Wisdom | Balance | Good Fortune
It's your lucky day every day with blue sapphire, a stone that invites good luck into your life. Known also to enhance self-expression in the wearer, September’s birthstone works wonders for those struggling with self-confidence.


Protection | Clarity | Focus
This earthly gemstone is thought to aid with protection, having been used traditionally as an amulet to ward off evil. Its property of self-focus also helps to dissolve negative energies, which helps the wearer to regain focus on their true desires and see what truly matters.


Clarity | Individuality | Manifestation
White topaz, commonly known to be April’s birthstone, is symbolic of empowerment and clarity above all. This naturally sparkly stone is known to enhance individuality by making the wearer embrace their most authentic self. It is also commonly used as an aid for manifestation as it can help the wearer find the most realistic and intuitive way to approach challenges.


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