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How To Mix Silver & Gold Jewellery
Gold or silver? Why choose. Mixed metals are having a serious moment, here’s how to create the ultimate jewellery look that gives glow and shines bright.

Can You Mix Metal Jewellery?

Absolutely! The idea that you can only wear one tone is outdated. Mixing your metals is a great way to make your jewellery stack feel contemporary and fresh.

Stacking Gold & Silver Rings

We love rings for their sentimental value and lots of us want to layer them all up at the same time, regardless of style or metal. Go for an equal balance of gold and silver or choose one metal as your main colour and then add an accent ring or two of a different metal to add interest. Our top tip? Play around with a few combinations to find the perfect ring stack for you.

Layering Silver & Gold Necklaces

Whether you like a maximalist layered necklace look or something more minimal, create a unique stack by mixing metals. Try layering a gold chain with a silver chain for an effortless mixed metal necklace look, or if you already have a signature stack, adding one accent pendant necklace in a different metal can make it feel even more impactful.

Mixed Metal Earrings

If you have more than one ear piercing, mixing metals with your earrings is the easiest place to experiment. If you want to go all out, mix gold and silver chunky hoops and add in some gemstone pieces, or for an effortless look, try mixing huggies & studs with a different metal. One of our ear cuffs in an accent metal is another easy way to bring in a different colour.

The Ultimate Mixed Metal Look

Shrimps Chunky Chain Necklace Sterling Silver
Estée Lalonde Forever Chain Necklace 18ct Gold Plate
Fine Figaro Chain Necklace Sterling Silver
Our Top Mixed Metal Jewellery Tips
1. Mix it all up - don't be afraid to add mixed metals into your earring, necklace, rings and bracelet stack

2. Play with shape & size - as well as mixing metals, try mixing bolder pieces with more delicate styles to bring out the contrast

3. Remember, there are no rules! Experiment with different metals to create your signature look - pick the pieces that reflect you.