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5 Days In Daisy | Allison Bornstein

Stylist to the stars and "closet-therapist" Allison Bornstein has managed to transform our wardrobes without having to buy anything new at with a few simple styling tricks. By treating your wardrobe like a capsule collection, Allison is quickly becoming one of the most talked about stylists around.

Here, Katie Holmes' stylist talks to us exclusively about how she started out and shares some top tips for fresh fashionistas.

1. Talk us through a typical working day

The cool part of my job is that every day is different but recently I have been doing a lot of FaceTime styling sessions. I will work with a client for an hour via FaceTime or Zoom helping them refine their style and create looks using what they have in their closet. Some clients book a package where I will shop for additional items for them so then after all of my calls I will usually spend time online shopping for clients! I find online shopping very therapeutic and love discovering new brands and helping clients expand their horizons and try new things with fashion.

2. When did you first realise you wanted to work as a stylist and that your dream could become a reality?

I interned at Teen Vogue when I was 20 and before then I didn’t really know what a stylist was and certainty did not know what they did! I was sent to help out on a photoshoot for Teen Vogue and my mind was blown. I remember my main job that day was to unpack a million trunks and constantly organise all of the accessories to keep the wardrobe area nice so the stylist could come and grab things easily. I also remember I had to tape the bottom of shoes (so they wouldn’t get dirty when we shot on the NYC street) and as banal as it sounds, it was the most fun I had ever had! To be that close to designer clothes and FASHION was the best thing ever for me. After that I did everything I could do be on set and eventually starting assisting stylists in my spare time. I was still in school but created a crazy schedule for myself that allowed me to work while still finishing my classes. I was so busy but I was so obsessed with fashion and styling that I was happy to spend every minute working!

3. What’s your go to beauty product?

I am obsessed with my Crown Affair hair brush. I never realised that all hairbrushes are not created equal until I got my hands on this one. I have fine and sort of wavy hair and I swear after I use this brush my hair looks so silky and smooth.

4. You’ve got 5 minutes to leave the house, what do you wear?

Blue denim (my go-to’s are the Agolde 90’s and the Daria from Khaite at the moment), a white crew neck t-shirt, a structured blazer , a mule or heeled Repetto ballet flat (the Repetto Camille is my fave) and of course some gold jewellery. I almost always have layered necklaces on. I love the snake chain from Daisy which I have been wearing a lot recently!

5. 1 item of clothing you just couldn’t live without?

My Acne Blazer. I think you can be wearing anything and if you add an amazing double breasted blazer your look is automatically elevated. I throw it on with jeans, a slip dress, leggings, sweats... everything.

6. Favourite piece of Daisy jewellery?

I love the snake chain and the stacked linked chain necklace.

7. Gold or silver?


"Trust yourself. There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion."

8. Biggest career highlight?

Getting to shoot with elephants for a Save the Elephants project in Kenya. It was so cool too spend a week there and shoot a beautiful fashion story while also shedding light on the foundations anti-poaching mission. I also loved having my FaceTime Styling Sessions profiled in Vogue and being quoted in the New York Times. I have dressed a lot of very very cool people and traveled the world for shoots but at the end of the day I am most proud of the path I have carved out for myself.

9. Advice for any young budding stylists out there?

Trust yourself. There is really no right or wrong answer when it comes to fashion so as long as you trust your taste and are confident, you can’t be wrong!!!

10. The best place in NYC to get...




I like Rhoroda Wine bar. I don’t really drink cocktails but I do love wine!

Head space / clarity...

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, so beautiful and underrated!

Vintage clothes...

New York Vintage for designer or 10Ft Single by Stella Dallas


Anywhere! You can walk down any street here and see someone doing something interesting with their look

Shop Allison's favourite Daisy pieces here