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Behind The Meaning | The Zodiac Guide To Gifting

We all need a little bit of extra help when it comes to gift inspiration, so we’ve teamed up with Astrologer Nadine Jane to give you the scoop on the best gifts for each star sign.

ARIES (21 MAR– 19 APR)
The first of the Zodiacs. They are the leader and they know it. They invented the power suit. They face life head-on. They use their style as both weapons and their armour. They will intimidate some and fascinate others. Regardless, they are bound to make a strong and lasting impression.

TAURUS (20 APR – 20 MAY)
Ah Taurus, the timeless tastemaker. They believe in quality over quantity. Ruled by Venus, the Planet of Beauty, they have an incredibly high level of taste. They want to ensure that whatever they invest in doesn’t just make them look good – but it makes them feel good. Their wardrobe is elegant, comfortable and classic. Just like them.

GEMINI (21 MAY – 20 JUN)
You may never pin them down, but why would you want to? This is part of their charm. Not easy to navigate, but very easy to love. They need a versatile wardrobe that fits every side of them. Whether it be their playful side, their diligent side, or their relaxed side, changeability and flexibility are always key.

The Mother of the Zodiacs. Cosy. Soft. Gentle. Warm. They are a comforting presence to all those around them. Because of that, they are drawn to pieces that match. They pick looks that could fit at work just as well as they could lounging around at home. They are creatures of comfort.

LEO (23 JUL – 22 AUG)
Sun? Is that you? Shining so bright over there? Whether they are an introverted or extroverted Leo, people will look at them. They were born to be seen. Be it the bright red shirt they’re wearing or the new role they just landed on Broadway. Let them be bold and let them be bright. Let them take centre stage.

VIRGO (23 AUG – 22 SEP)
Wound a little tighter than most. They’ve had a to-do list since they could write. It has been hard for them to reconcile that life cannot be stored in boxes from Muji. Why make things messy? They are pure and understated in their approach to style. They love basics that make them feel clean and put together. And my how chic they are.
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LIBRA (23 SEP – 22 OCT)
Ah Libra. How they float through life so gracefully and diplomatically. They are romantics. They pick timeless pieces that have a light and beautiful quality to them. They love their style to move and flow as elegantly as they do. Ruled by Venus, the Planet of Beauty, they are tasteful in every sense of the word.

How lucky are we to have Scorpios? Those rare humans that aren’t afraid to go one shade darker at any given moment. They are quietly provocative. They attract attention without meaning to. Or do they? We’ll never know. Their style is authentic and sincere, yet always leaves an air of mystery. They are the enigmas that we are all dying to get closer to.

The flight-risks of the Zodiac. They are restless souls. So whatever they wear just make sure they can fly in it. Their taste and freedom will remain the same. Their style changes as often as their location does. None of us can keep up! And they like it that way.

The mountain goat. How they have systematically & methodically climbed up the ladder of life. Their approach to style is practical meets powerful. They have a lot to get done & and they’re not going to let their appearance get in the way. They know how they need to project themselves in order to gain the respect they deserve.

Our little rebel! They are ahead of the game. They think outside the box. In fact, they’ve thrown the box out altogether. They don’t approach their personal style, or just about anything in a conventional way. They use it to show others that being different is a strength not a weakness.

They can understand anyone. But no-one seems to understand them. They are dreamy and mystical. The style that they are drawn to is ethereal and unique. They do not need to follow trends or fads. They are who they are and they like what they like. Their style is flexible and universal, just like them.
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