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Daisy Muse | Style Tips With Lizzy Hadfield

Back in September, we asked our style crush Lizzy Hadfield or you may know her as Shot From The Street to style our AW campaign shoot. We kept using Lizzy’s style as a reference on our mood board so it only seemed natural to ask her and luckily she said yes!

While on set, we caught up with her to find out her top style tips for autumn winter and also her thoughts on our new collection, Stacked.

What are you loving this season?

Cardigans. Both chunky ones and cashmere ones with black straight legged jeans that sit over the top of your boots. Always Chelsea boots. For outerwear, I’m still madly into a wool blazer. If you wear a t-shirt, then a cardigan and then a blazer you can keep this look going even longer into the winter months and if you’re northern it helps too. Jewellery wise, lots of gold jewellery, layered up. I love gold hoop earrings, different sized ones; a big hoop and then staggering smaller ones further down depending on how many piercings you have.

What’s your go-to look for a day in the life of Lizzy?

I’m really into black tailored trousers at the moment with big, white oversized t-shirts, maybe with a knit that you can just drape over your shoulders while you’re not wearing it. My go-to shoes at the moment are white slip on pumps, like Vans. They look even better once they’re really battered and worn in so don’t worry about them being dirty!

What do you think is going to be the next big trend?

Cardigans. Can you tell I’m obsessed?! And flip-flops for the Summer.

What do you like about our new Stacked collection?

I love that you can wear the whole collection at once but also it will work really well with pieces you already have. With jewellery, I think it’s about growing a really beautiful and meaningful collection with plenty of minimal pieces you can layer up with.

Any favourite pieces?

Definitely the necklaces, I love the simplicity of the chains. The minimal style T bar stacks well with other pieces and the chains are just such a good foundation. You cannot really go wrong with them.

What’s the one thing we should invest in?

A really good pair of black boots. I would recommend Church’s Chelsea boots because they literally don’t age at all and they look good with everything. I’ve had mine for over a year and they look like new. I wear them nearly every single day through the winter. They are so comfortable and so manly yet slim and they just look expensive. 

Explore The Stacked Collection here.