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How To: Cleanse Your Crystals

 Ahead of the launch of our new Healing stone bracelets and earrings next week, we caught up with crystal expert, clairvoyant, healer and author of The Power of Crystal Healing, Emma Knowles, on her journey and how best to take care of your gemstones.

How and when did you get into crystals? 

Oh my, I was so young when I found their magic – I saw one in a shop at the age of 6 or 7 (I actually get excited thinking about that moment now; it was a stunning piece of amethyst in a quirky local shop, though it was only small, I knew I loved it and them there and then, though I had no idea just how much the passion would grow. From that moment they’d always been in my life in varying levels, but it wasn’t until I hit my teens that I realised just what they could do for me energetically and emotionally. They became a support function, friends in times of great need and helped me transform some of my greatest pains into my proudest moments.

Tell us about a typical day and what that involves? 

I mostly bounce out of bed in to meditation, sometimes I get there slower though I’ll be honest depending on what’s happening in life and then I will channel and write. That’s actually how I wrote my book! It’s also the best way to start my day, opening myself up to my spirit and connecting with all those coming to see me for sessions.

Then I’ll box or go for a run – I really love to soothe and fire up my energy – got to get the balance right before my sessions and teaching for the day and also take some time to be me before I dive into work. My sessions are energetically deep and thorough, touch therapy coupled with a clairvoyant read and our crystal friends where needed. I’ve developed the sessions over 15 years and they’ve really shaped themselves into a transformative art unique to the individual. I will do a maximum of three sessions a day, not because they exhausted me (quiet the opposite!) but because after the first session I then run three nights distant healing, so I am working on multiple beings and across the globe at every time of the day. And that makes for a superbly busy day!!

At night, if I am not in session I am teaching meditation, which I really love. Working with people to find their own path is deeply rewarding. Before crawling in to bed with a crystal selected to soothe me into sleep and play.

Why do our Healing Stones need cleansing?

They need cleansing because like us they are vessels, pipes and lenses for pulling in energy yes, but also for drawing it out and so this will leave a residue, a bit like soot in a chimney. I liken it to washing our clothes or our hair, there is our own ‘stuff’ that needs to be washed away but then there is also the energies of our environment that can cling to our Healing Stones, so we need to grace them with what they grace us with, the ability to cleanse and let go!

Can you share some tips on how to cleanse our stones?

With your precious pieces, I would turn to nature instead of salts or soaks and here are a few suggestions:

1. Smudging it out  

Smudge sticks are fantastic. White sage would be my go to here, light the smudge stick as instructed on the packaging and allow the smoke to pass gently over your crystal collection – much like a sniffer dog trained to perfection, the smoke from the smudge stick will track the negativity and alleviate it.

2. Sun showers

The masterful Sun light fuels the world, it fuels our very existence and for crystals that is no different, as you know sunlight moves through and warms through even the hardest of materials. I would suggest for extra effect, lightly dusting or smudging your crystals and then moving them outside to not only cleanse but to be fuelled by the suns gentle rays. If you do not have access to an outdoor space, the rays of the sun penetrating through your window sill are equally as powerful. It’s important to see just how the crystals twinkle after their sun kiss.

3. Moon baths

A crystals cleanse at a full moon is always my go to– it’s pure magic how mamma moon removes the toxins from your charms and equally yourself. It also means you have a monthly cycle to flow with as she graces us in totality to remove everything in completion monthly without fail – even if you can’t see her, her presence is more than felt and she has a incredibly special connection with crystals as she does with all things nature, Again dust or smudge and lay outside or on the window sill to allow the moon to bathe them whilst quite literally drawing out all that must be removed.

4. Energy healing

Energy healing is wondrous, it’s used on our bodies to reorient the spirit to best allow the body to heal itself. If you are interested in energy work such as reiki, you can take your crystal to your session to charge as you do.

Our environment can cling to our healing stones, so we need to grace them with what they grace us with, the ability to cleanse and let go...

Is it safe to keep different crystals close together?

YES! Though it’s really important that we set our crystals to task, that we give them an intention. So if you have one crystal all set and ready to boost your energy to charge you up, don’t place it with a stone set to soothe, calm or help you rest as one will knock out or confuse the other! I believe its important to move them around – to let them interact with each other and then you can feel for yourself who works with who!

Tell us which crystals in our Healing Stone collection you’re drawn to most?

All of them…no joke! They’re delicious and perfectly selected, a lovely balance. But if I had to it’s the Amazonite, it soothes my energy and also blasts open my heart so it’s perfect in a necklace; it just makes me smile to look at it – how special is that?

What type of healing practices do you use them for?

I use them in ALL my practices. Touch therapy to deepen the healing and to get into those places too deep or delicate to touch, psychic readings both to connect with spirit and to connect to those I am working with, in meditation to deepen the buzz and to lighten the mind and also for cleansing my space. My studio is filled with crystals, in fact someone said the other day you don’t need anything on the walls as you’ve enough on the floors! They bring in such magic to the room and help release anything energetically left hanging around, they are best work mates you could ask for!

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Imagery by Stephanie McLeod