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Behind The Meaning | The Sacral Chakra

Our much-loved Chakra Collection is based on seven sacred symbols from Eastern philosophy. This year we are going into more depth with each Chakra and, after beginning with the Base Chakra, this month it is all about the Sacral Chakra.

So what is the Sacral Chakra? Energy healer Georgia Coleridge shares her knowledge with us on the Sacral Chakra, the symptoms of an unbalanced one and how to balance it.

Where is the Sacral Chakra?

This vibrant energy centre is just below your navel. Find it on your lower tummy at the front, and on the middle of your lower back. It is associated with the colour orange.

What does the Sacral Chakra do?

This is a multi-tasking chakra! You could think of it like a delicious orange, full of sweetness and juice. It connects you to your physical body, sensuous pleasure and the sheer joy of being alive. It is also linked to the moon and the tides, so it governs movement, flow and change. And because it’s in the womb area, it’s associated (even for men) with creativity and the gestation of new projects.

So how do you feel when the Sacral Chakra is strong?

This chakra is all about joy. You feel energetic and optimistic. You seek out pleasurable experiences (an outing, a massage, time with lovely friends) and you can even find the fun in routine chores at home and work. Life seems to flow easily, and you enjoy new challenges. You are also instinctively creative – perhaps you can intuitively throw together a great outfit, or rustle up supper for unexpected guests. You are also very comfortable with your body, and the physical side of your love life.

What if the Sacral Chakra is weak?

When this chakra isn’t spinning properly, life feels dry and dull – the opposite of juicy. You might feel emotionally flat, bored at work, and feel that there is nothing much to look forward to. This chakra can get overwhelmed and exhausted when you have no time to play. It can be hard to look after this chakra when you have exam pressure, tricky family circumstances or you work very long hours, with difficult people. But the pressure can also be internal if you don’t let yourself relax and have fun.

Can the Sacral Chakra be too strong?

When this chakra is too active, you might be partying too hard, feeling things too intensely, and constantly looking for change.

How can you heal and balance the Sacral Chakra?

Start by remembering that all work and no play isn’t healthy. This chakra is associated with a beautiful, bright, vibrant orange colour. So every time you see this colour, (or even see a bowl of oranges!), it’s a reminder of your sacral chakra and how important it is.
The next step is to nourish and support it. You might not think you have time but if you can add a little spontaneous fun, you will feel more optimistic. And if you get a chance to move your body, even for five minutes in your lunch break, you will also have more physical energy.

Could the Sacral Chakra Bracelet help?

It certainly could, because each time you see the six petals of the sacral chakra symbol, glimmering on your wrist, it’s a reminder of this joyful chakra. You could also try looping it around your belt, so it is over your tummy.

The Sacral Chakra would be a good present for...

Your best friend, as a reminder of all the fun you’ve had together. For anyone who is starting a new project, or who needs more joy in their life. And it would be a subtle way to tell your partner how great they make you feel.


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