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Daisy Muse| Hannah Crosskey

Meet the beautiful Hannah Crosskey, a Brighton based fashion & travel influencer who also likes to dabble in interiors. Her passion for travel is totally up our street & leaves us wondering how she looks so effortlessly cool whilst on the move? Warning a few minutes on her Instagram could turn into a few hours! We caught up with Hannah to find out more.

We love how you’ve styled our new Elsewhere Collection of Halo coins. What drew you to these coins and do you have a favourite?
I’ve got a thing for coins and medallions at the moment, and the New Elsewhere collection is right up my street. My favourite is the “Around the World” halo coin, I love how this one spins.

What does the collection mean to you?
I love travel and the collection symbols exactly that. A symbol of something, someplace or someone, travel is really powerful.

How would you describe your style to us?
I’d like to think it’s pretty paired back. I love my basics and an earthy colour palette.

What do you love about travel?
I love discovering new places and making new memories.

Where is your home away from home?
I recently got back from an amazing trip to Kos and made so many amazing memories. I can’t wait to go back and do it all again. 

Tell us about your next adventure and where you might be heading to?
I’m heading to Berlin in August.

Where are your top three destinations globally to visit?

Can you share with us your top desert island essentials?
I’d say a good lip balm, a disposable camera and some SPF. Time away from my phone and social media would be ideal!