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End Of Summer Adventure In Amsterdam With Amaka & Fia

“At the heart of Daisy lies an adventure, a love for life, a need to explore.”

This week we caught the last of the summer rays with Amaka & Fia Hamelijnck on their laid back adventure in Amsterdam. Creative Marketeer Fiah and lifestyle influencer Amaka are the ultimate fashion duo and we can’t get enough of their fun, cool girl style.

Tell us about your most recent adventure Hannah?

Our recent adventure is a simple but fun one: spending our warm summer evenings at the park together with Kees the dog. Nothing better than watching the sunset, eating and drinking wine together. It’s something we both value!

What’s the earliest adventure you two can remember going on?

We grew up in a really small village, far away from big cities. We were free to go everywhere as kids, so we went on lots of ‘adventures’ in our hometown. We cycled to the edge of the village to discover new places, we built secret homes, and we searched for treasures in fields and forests. There are so many things you’re doing for the first time as a kid, so those memories all feel like real adventures.

Any top tips for creating that feeling of exploration and being free, even if you can’t travel far?

In the beginning I had a hard time feeling free when I couldn’t travel, but then I changed my mindset and I learned to appreciate the things closer to myself and home that make me feel free. I still can visit my best friends and family, and I can go to beautiful places in my own country. Spend some extra time with your loved ones and keep in mind that there will come a time when you can go where ever you want to go.

You’re off somewhere exciting for the day, what essentials are in your bag?

Ohhh, I’m not the girl with a very fancy packed bag haha! But the most important thing for me is my portable charger (LOL)! If something exciting is going to happen I need to capture it haha, that’s just part of my life! Oh and my analog camera, I LOVE to take analog pictures, I always feel like I capture the little extra special moments with it.

Tell us about the next adventure you’ll be wearing Daisy on…

I’ll be wearing Daisy on my birthday this weekend! I will turn 26 on September 5, and the golden jewellery will give my birthday outfit that extra sparkle.


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