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New Moon Intentions With Tamara

We’re back with our favourite mystical maven, Tamara from @_wolfsister. Since the last time we spoke Tamara has been very busy, hosting a new Luna-curious podcast and of course launching her second book! Luna is a definitive guide to becoming BFF’s with the moon and we can’t wait to read it. To celebrate its release we’re catching up with Tamara to get a sneak peek, plus learn about the moon phases and how to set new moon intentions.

You’ve got a new book coming out called Luna! How long has this been in the making?
“I started writing it last year, I actually pitched it right before The Crystal Code launched. I really don't think I knew what I was getting myself into because I was trying to write a book while trying to promote another one and also run my business. Luna is your guide to become best friends with the moon. How people can get to know the moon and really learn about themselves and have that companion through the moon. Helping to understand the different phases of the moon and what they are good for. People can really use the book to tune into and speak to their Luna best friend.”

What are the different phases of the moon?
“The moon rotates in a cycle and that's why we see different moon phases. As the moon is orbiting the earth, the moon is reflecting the light of the sun and depending on its position in space we see more or less of the moon’s surface. The new moon is the beginning of the cycle. During the new moon the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun so it is not receiving any light. As the moon starts to move around the earth it begins to wax and the light on the surface of the moon gets bigger. It eventually gets to a full moon which we all know and recognise. It then turns into a waning moon and the light begins to become less again and eventually the moon goes back into darkness.”

Why is the new moon particularly good for setting intentions?
“Each phase has a power potential but the new moon is really powerful for setting intentions, for having a fresh start. Any day can be a new beginning, we all have the chance to have a fresh start every morning. We don't have to hold out for a new moon to set intentions but it is nice to have a monthly reminder. I work with these energies and I really recommend for people to track their energies with the moon cycles. What are your good days or more challenging days and how you feel during the different phases of the moon? We are cyclical like the moon, our energy waxes and wanes, we have times when we are super energised on top of it and then there are times we’re not as productive or motivated. It’s about learning to be okay with these lower moods because that part of the cycle is actually when we’re supposed to be resting.
When you track your energy you start to see when you’re ‘go go go’ and when you're ‘slow slow slow’. When you are aware of what those days are you can start to schedule your life around your energy. We’re so conditioned to be proactive and product all the time and it's just not sustainable.
The new moon is a new beginning, you might notice because it's an inward time of reflection you don't want to be putting things out into the world. It's a very powerful time for self reflection and introspection. Our gaze during a new moon is inwards whereas later on during the full moon we are more external.”


"Think of the intentions as a seed, how are you watering it?"


How do the moon phases relate to the zodiac signs?
“As the moon orbits it moves through the different zodiac signs. We actually have the moon in a different zodiac sign every 2 and a half days. The new moon will always be in the zodiac sign of the current zodiac season. For example it is currently Leo season so this month the new moon will be in Leo. Know that every new moon is a different sign you can use this to set your intentions based on the different star sign characteristics.”

Where do you start with setting intentions?
“Sometimes you need to set the intentions and know that that's enough because our ego will come in and say ‘we’re doing it wrong’ and ‘we’re not good enough’ but actually we need to just keep on going and trusting we are doing what we can. Often when we set intentions from the heart our ego has a field day. Think of the intentions as a seed, how are you watering it?
To start setting intentions it can be as simple as writing a list of the things you would like to open up to. You can also write down your ultimate day, what your day would be like based on your intentions. For example ‘I want to be more confident and passionate about what I'm doing you can then think I'm going to write my ideal days as if I am that confident and passionate person and how I would move about my day in order to achieve those intentions.
You can also choose a crystal that represents your intentions. For example a lot of people associate rose quartz with love and romantic love but it can also represent self love and turning down the voice of your inner critic. By choosing a rose quartz this can help with the intention to open up your heart and take a leap of faith, use that crystal to support you.
Another way to set intentions is to create a statement of affirmation. For example stating ‘I am empowered’. Then you take that statement and remove the vowels and any letter that is repeated. The letters you are left with are used to create a symbol, this is the symbol of your affirmation. You can then draw that symbol and meditate with it. Whenever you're drawing that symbol you are invoking that energy of your intentions."

To learn more about the different energies of the moon phases and plenty more about our lunar friend be sure to check out Tamara’s book, Lunar and keep up with her on her Instagram @_wolfsister.


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