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Estée Lalonde | Get The Glow With Katie Jane Hughes

We all know that Estée is a big fan of that natural glow and with our collection being inspired by radiance, sunshine and positivity, it only seemed natural to get in touch with renowned experimental make-up artist and close friend to Estée, Katie Jane Hughes. Having worked with some of the worlds most high profile celebrities such as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Ashely Graham, Katie shares with us her five cult products to get that glow. Readers Warning: we apologise for the money you may be about to spend…

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Peel Pads

To really make skin glow you have to remove the dead skin; then you can hydrate, really solidify the texture and plump the skin. For me, these are much better than the physical exfoliants with beads in it. You can get the shiniest, glowiest texture from your skin with a pad because you can really buff at it.

Get right into the corners of the nose, around the brows and the chin. It’s perfect for all skin types too.


Weleda Skinfood Cream

This cream is such an iconic product. It’s so multifunctional. It’s good for dry patches of skin but equally good to use as an overnight face mask and for anything that needs moisture or shine. I use it on celebrities’ legs when they are walking on the red carpet because its just so pretty to look at. Under your make up, use less than a pea-sized amount between your fingers to turn it into an oil. It will show through the foundation and be super glowy. It’s definitely the product I would take to a desert island.


Nars Complete Matt Concealer

You can put on whatever moisturiser you want, and then use the concealer where you need it. Around the nose and the chin, around the eyes to fix everything. Concealer is such a multifunctional tool in make up. I use it to define eyeliner, to define a lip line or even with eyeshadow to make it look blended. I think concealer is one of my favourite make up products, it makes you feel better. I use concealer more than use foundation.


Glossier Haloscope

This is such a good product. I love it because it adds just a little sheen on the skin. I want my highlighter to be wet looking on the skin, not dry so I prefer this to a powdered highlighter. I would use my fingers for this product to avoid the stick picking up the rest of your make up.


Hourglass Scattered Light

Metallic eyeshadow! It looks like something is
bouncing on the eyelids and it’s reflecting off. It gives you this beautiful glow. It’s all about radiance and colour. All makeup should have an element of life in it. When I’ve used something too flat, it looks dead. Press it on your fingers to build it up or just add a little for a simple look.


 The Queen of make-up and a must to follow, check out @katiejanehughes for more beauty inspiration.