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Layering Your Jewellery

Mastering the art of layering your jewellery can be a tricky thing. You want it look effortless yet pristine at the same time. It’s too easy to put the same jewellery on day in day out (we’re all guilty of it!). I mean we’re busy becoming #bossladies after all and we all have our trusted favourites. However, it’s good to get the most out of your jewellery. Simple additions and mixing up your combinations can make all the difference when putting an outfit together.

We recommend concentrating on one or two parts of your body that you’d like to layer – neck and fingers or wrists and ears. You want to keep it cool and sophisticated rather than messy and overwhelming! But there is an art to nailing the layered look, you can’t be all willy nilly about it. Creative Director, Ruth, gives us her top styling tips on how to find the perfect jewellery combination.


1. It’s essential to create a balanced look when layering; spacing is key.

2. Each piece should compliment the next one, not look cluttered or get twisted amongst each other. You want each piece to be displayed naturally not blocking each other’s view.

3. It’s good to mix bold statement pieces with fine and delicate ones. Too many chunky pieces makes you look weighed down so it’s important to get variety.

4. Consider the neckline you’re wearing when layering necklaces, the simpler it is, the more decorative you can be. Generally, wearing more neutral and plain colours when layering is best. It really makes the jewellery speak for itself.

5. Mix metals, textures and stones; this creates a more natural and interesting feel. It doesn’t need to match perfectly!

Remember the most important thing is to have fun!

“When styling same metal necklaces, start with your smallest pendant on the shortest length that feels comfortable. Wear the bigger necklace on the longest length."

Ruth Bewsey, Creative Director