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How To Wear Huggie Hoops

The huggie, truly the can't go wrong hero.

A serial stacker's bread and butter, a jewellery box must-have and a best-seller for a reason. And boy have we spoilt you for choice when it comes to picking the pair that's right for you. How do we even begin to explain our love for these teeny tiny hoop earrings that hug the earlobe so perfectly. Huggie hoops can single handedly elevate an outfit and their versatility has no end. They look elegant and timeless when worn alone for a more minimal look, however for those with second, third or even fourth piercings they look amazing stacked up the ear for more of a statement and are perfect for balancing out more dramatic hoop earrings.

Imagery of beautifully curated ears dominate our social feeds but how can you get the look we hear you ask?

Lucky for you, you’ve come to the right place...

A more-is-more vibe with an edge

Look no further! The Jameela, Moria Rose and Bethany are the styles you need to make an instant impact. Start your stack with the Jameela Huggie Hoop; a stand out style with a vintage feel perfect for a first lobe piercing. To add that extra something the bold and beautiful Moria Rose Huggie Hoop brings a contrasting edge to your ear look. To finish off the ultimate more-is-more stack add the Bethany Huggie Hoop, she may be small but her shine speaks for itself.
Uno mas? No probs. The Isla Shell Ear Cuff is serial stackers bread and butter. Pop between your helix and your upper lobe piercings to complete the look.

Drop me a hug

Looking to switch up your stack with elegant drop pieces? We’ve got just the thing. The Greta and Moria Rose huggies are a fresh take on the classic hoop style. Featuring contrasting shapes and textures these beauties elevate any outfit, any time. You. Are. Welcome.

For that final touch wear the Box Chain Earring in your upper lobe piercing for an added twist you won't regret.


You can’t go wrong with a classic close to the lobe ear stack. Whether you’ve got two piercings or ten, these are the huggies you’ll love now and for years to come. Shine bright in the Meryl, Aurora and Dolly, your new go-to gals! These chunky huggies have a touch of texture with an edge. A jewellery box no-brainer, trust us.

From subtle, wear-with-everything styles to statement-making hoops that are sure to add sparkle, the huggie is the definition of effortless, everyday styling, looking as good solo as they do stacked up. Now, let’s have some fun and find your style!

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