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How To | Find The Right Colour Scheme For Your Home Office

...with our friends at lick

Who would have imagined that 2020's most coveted luxury would have been a home office? Yet, with people across the country turning spare rooms into (online) meeting rooms and carving out corporate-cum-creative corners in their bedrooms, it seems the trend is here to stay. After moving house during lockdown, Lick teamed up with Ruth, Daisy's Creative Director to help her find the right colour scheme for her otherwise uninspired space – so you can too! Here, colour specialist Tash takes us through the process...

Things To Consider...

First off, what kind of work do you do? Do you need a super organised desk, multiple screens, or lots of room to spread out? And how do you want to feel whilst you're in that space: focused, calm, creative, or energised? Think about balancing energies. If your work is fast-paced, why not consider soothing, calming colours? Alternatively, if you struggle to make it through the afternoon, opt for energising palettes. If your job requires creativity, you could go one of two ways: neutrals for a blank canvas or bright colours to get your creative juices flowing. It's your space, after all, so choose colours that reflect your personality.

Unless, of course, it isn't. If you're sharing an office space with someone, there are ways to harmonise your styles. What about jumping on the 'new neutrals' trend and adding a splash of colour to your space without it being overwhelming? And don't forget the golden decorating rule: lighting. What time is it where (you don't want the sun in your eyes for every 9 am Zoom catchup), and when are you using the space.

When creating these colour schemes Tash Bradley, Lick's Lead Colour Specialist, wanted them to reflect both Ruth's creativity and laid back style and tie in with Daisy's ethos of joy, warmth, and escapism. Tash explains:

Three colour schemes depending on what type of vibe you want.

Option 1: For Blue-Sky Thinking

"Blue affects the mind and can be really stimulating. We went with a light blue here as it's the most mentally soothing colour – it reminds the eye of the sky – and in a home office will create a sense of calm, giving you room to think. Paired with our Travelling Tiles 02 wallpaper, created by our incredibly talented artist-in-residence, Lottie McDowell, it embodies a feeling of travel and escapism, transporting you to the Med. It's a fun yet elegant design that goes beautifully with the blue and white palettes".

Option 2: For Stimulation and Creativity

"At first glance, it seems as though a lot is going on here, but its complimenting prints, paired with a sunny yellow and a range of whites. The patterns in both Jungle 01 and Botanical 06 provide a sense of escapism and are incredibly dynamic. This movement creates an energising feel, as does the yellow backdrop, tying it all together. Yellow is a very stimulating colour, and in colour psychology is associated with happiness and warmth. Great if you want a burst of energy."

Option 3: For Calm and Tranquility

- Green 09

- Beige 03

- A choice of Greige 01 or Greige 02

- Green 02

"Green is for someone that wants stability – it's restful on the eye, and it doesn't ask much from you. You're also less likely to get bored of greens – who gets bored of the colour of nature? Sticking with warm neutral naturals is a lovely option. They create an earthy grounding feel, so you'll feel incredibly calm amongst this mix of greens and greiges.”

In the end, Ruth went with a mixture of schemes 1 and 2. She mixed things up by painting the walls in White 03, and the ceiling in Yellow 02, and made a feature of her shelving unit by wallpapering them in Travelling Tiles 02. Lesson learned? You can mix and match styles – it's your home, after all! We hope you have as much fun choosing your own home office colour scheme as we had choosing hers.

Watch Ruth's full office transformation here