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I Am Me, Unapologetically | Kai

We all play many different roles to people around us, how do you find the balance in your life to be these roles?

That's a never ending process. I am learning and really open to learning what balance looks like in the different stages of my journey. Right now I feel really called to show up as my authentic self. It's a ripple effect-when I am channeling my authentic self I find it easier to connect with people more genuinely. I have also been able to love using the word no as a way to create boundaries and not feel bad after.

Sincerely Tommy is more than just a lifestyle store, you have a first floor boutique hostel and an eatery. Tell us about your journey to launch and where you would like to see it go?

The purpose of Sincerely, Tommy is to highlight emerging brands because that’s what New York is. People who come here—who really come here—want to be part of a community that’s creative and different and innovative. There's a lifestyle component—the girl who shops at my store is more unique all-around in her furniture, her home, her beauty routine, her clothing. ST is always growing and evolving. In 2020, I launched Raini Home. It’s my home line that’s handmade in Brooklyn. There’s also a physical space in Bed Stuy that sells other lifestyle products. Interior and furniture design are big passions of mine.

Tell us about the work you are doing for your community in Bed-Stuy?

I feel like I am just a facilitator. Community is in all of us, whether we choose to channel it or not. My ancestry is rooted in community. Everyone had different roles. So I feel like my community work is just being part of a tribe that already exists. I think my contribution gets highlighted more because we've lost the idea of a village or community along the way and become very individualistic.

Your lifestyle store Sincerely Tommy has us wanting to book a flight over as soon as we can. Where do you get your interiors inspiration from?

Mostly from travelling and IG is actually really great for building mood boards.

What does being a mother mean to you?

Being a student of nature, the nature of life. Children know so much because they're free of the conditioning we have as adults. I cherish my son for choosing me to be his guide.

Daisy is run by women, for women and we champion those around us. What women in your life inspire you most?

My mom, grandmother, my close friends- Ambi, Selena, Melissa. They have been my ride or die and saving grace in a lot of ways.

Our jewellery tells our story, it can be a scrapbook of memories we carry around with us. Do you have a sentimental piece of jewellery you treasure and if so why?

I really love my wedding band. It was custom made by Soull & Dynasty of L'Enchanteur. I designed it with my partner and each stone represents something important to me.

Looking back, what have been some of your proudest moments?

Giving birth, travelling solo to different countries, learning to create boundaries.

What’s your go to Daisy jewellery piece?

I love the Daisy Flower Necklace and the Sunflower Necklace because they work so well together as a stack, but also they're a lovely reminder of nature :)

What key values do you hope to share with your followers, community and family?

Love is the answer, we're all connected-we're all human, nothing really matters, have a vision.

Our bodies carry us through life and can create life. Has your relationship with your body changed since having child?

Yes, of course! I went through a major transition with my pregnancy. I gained 50lbs and for the first time had to work out and pay attention to my diet. The experience also created a more intimate relationship with my body that I couldn't have had without pregnancy. I found so much more respect for women as well. We go through so much and just don't get the credit.